16: White


Perfect. Absolutely perfect.


It was the making of a fantasy come true; the flawless segue into a moment he would never forget for the rest of his life. Naruto couldn’t have convinced him any better if he tried; those husky words of unspeakable promises making him tingle with an anticipation he was too shy to vocalize.


He had read and seen enough to know that the first time wasn’t going to be easy (hell, hadn’t he witnessed Naruto’s moment with Madara?). But he knew – deep down he knew Naruto would never hurt him in that way. That despite his unpolished mannerisms and lack of tact, Naruto would (probably) make a wonderful partner in bed. He would be kind and considerate; willing to go slow just to make sure his naïve lover was ready. Sasuke prayed he wouldn’t sound too pathetic during those moments (aka sounding like a stuck pig squealing as some of the voice actors in the BL games tended to do). He would have to do his best to control himself should it ever get to that point.


It was just a great pity all of that would have to wait for a while, for reality had the uncanny ability to fuck things up when one least expected it.


He sighed and slid a little lower down the bench in sullen misery.


It should have been the perfect segue into a night of passion, except both men had forgotten just where they were and who was in charge of said place. Did they really think they could escape the clutches of an astute Tsunade? She wasn’t the damn leader of the S.W.A.T for nothing. She must have sensed Naruto was about to pull a fast one, because one minute Sasuke had his eyes closed, sighing in pleasure at being taken away from the antiseptic stench of a hospital, to having them wide open as Naruto’s warmth was unceremoniously  yanked away from him.


(damn it!)


Embarrassment was too plain a word to describe how he felt then, for the childish urge to dive beneath the covers and hide from the lecturing woman (who had been tugging on Naruto’s ear despite his cries of “ouch! Ouch! Ouch!!”) overwhelmed him. Sakura, who was hovering at the doorway, had met his gaze and looked apologetic. She mimed that she tried to keep Tsunade away, but no luck.


Still, it wasn’t hard to see that Tsunade cared for the blond warrior, and that was emphasized when she suddenly engulfed Naruto in a bear hug to sob silently into his neck. She might present the picture of staunch authority, but it was moments like these that reminded one of her true nature. She loved each and every one of her spirit warriors, and would do anything to keep them safe from harm. Sasuke had used that opportunity to sneak out of the room, giving them the privacy they needed. Somehow seeing Tsunade in that vulnerable state made him come to a decision.


And nearly twenty-four hours later, here he was – dressed in the only good black suit in his possession – outside the grand doors of the Tribunal awaiting his ‘trial’…of sorts. He clasped his hands on his stomach, aware they were trembling a little. He took a deep breath and sat up again, resisting the urge to begin pacing up and down the hallway where towering portraits of great leaders of various clans lined the paneled walls. Oh, surprise, surprise! There was no picture of an Uchiha amongst them though Sasuke had recognized Hashirama and Tobirama leading the pack. He squashed down the feeling of bitterness at how his clan was determined to be removed or ignored from history, but then again…


(what do we have to brag about? We’ve not exactly been the greatest supporters of the Spirit Warriors, have we?)


“There you are, Sasuke,” came the breathless cry as Sakura jogged down the long hallway to meet him.


She looked lovely, yet professional, in a navy blue dress suit; her smiling visage flushed with either delight at seeing him or from her quick trot to make it here on time. He rose to greet her, making a face when she shook her head, ‘tsked’ beneath her breath, and moved closer to adjust the tie he had been tugging restlessly all morning.


“I feel like it’s choking me,” he complained. “I can’t breathe.”


This wasn’t far from the truth because the pressure was beginning to get to him. He could feel his chest tightening with every strained breath he took.


“It looks much neater this way,” Sakura chided. “Remember there are some who will try to judge you for every little thing including your appearance.”


“Like I give a fuck -”


“Language, young man.” She smirked and tapped his chest gently before reaching out to clasp his sweaty palms. “Relax. It’s going to be all right. It’s not as if they’re going to imprison you or anything. You single-handedly saved us from Kurama’s wrath, and they should be kissing your ass for it.” She squeezed his hands gently in reassurance before leaning close to peck him on the cheek. “Just take a deep breath and it will be over quickly.” She smiled. “Besides, you-know-who sends his well wishes.”


The color filled his cheeks again, and he lowered his gaze to the floor. He would have loved to ask if you-know-who was going to show up at all, but the doors to the courtroom were being opened slowly by two uniformed guards. Sasuke stiffened – pulses quickening - as the officer of the court stepped out with a light bow and nod of acknowledgement.


“Uchiha Sasuke?” the bespectacled man asked in a high-pitched voice. He looked so lanky, prim and proper in the black military-like uniform it was almost comical.


However, Sasuke was in no mood to laugh as he simply nodded in response. “Yes.”


He withdrew his hands from Sakura’s and sank them into the pockets of his pants. No use showing the entire courtroom his nervousness. He clenched them into fists.


The officer bowed again. “If you will follow me this way. Your hearing will begin shortly.”


He spun on his heels to lead the way, and with one last look over his shoulder at the smiling pink-haired woman who mouthed the words “good luck”, Sasuke took a deep breath and squared his shoulders to meet his fate.


(it’s showtime)





He studied her profile with a wistful smile; still amazed at how they looked nothing alike and yet there was a connection that went beyond mere physical appearances. With the help of Tsunade and Sakura, he was able to lobby for her release from the Lab, with the stipulation that he’d have complete custody and be her legal guardian. In other words, should she ever fuck up, he would have to take full responsibility.


Naruto could live with that.


At the moment, she was focused on her novel; hardly paying attention to the man watching her from above. Every now and then she’d push her glasses up the bridge of her nose before flipping the next page. Whatever the hell she was reading must be extra interesting because she didn’t even budge when a couple of birds perched on her shoulder to keep her company.


“I still can’t believe we’re related,” he murmured to himself.


“True,” came the amused response behind him. “Considering how you can’t sit still for more than ten minutes at a time to concentrate on any reading material, I’m guessing she absorbed more of your father’s genes.”


Naruto raised his middle finger in response to that taunt before turning away from the window to pout at his mentor. Jiraiya grinned and let out another cloud of smoke from his pipe. On his impressive walnut-polished desk was a crystal ball, which looked murky from Naruto’s vantage point. However, Jiraiya tapped it with a finger and quirked a brow.


“You sure you don’t want to watch this? It’s about to begin. He just walked into the courtroom.”


Naruto shook his head and turned away again; refusing to admit that the bit of news had sent his heart skipping a beat in pride yet concern; though he wasn’t sure why he ought to feel the latter. It was just a hearing not a trial. Sasuke had done nothing wrong. He had saved all their asses – his especially – and all this pomp and circumstance was a just a chance for the clan leaders to take a shot at the poor kid.


Ah, if only he had teleported away from that room fast enough. Perhaps he would have ‘convinced’ Sasuke not to show up at the tribunal. But then again, if he hadn’t…those assholes would find even more reasons to keep him under extra surveillance, something Naruto didn’t wish for. He shifted restlessly and placed his chin on the windowsill; admiring the way Karin’s red hair fluttered in the wind. According to Jiraiya, his mother had been a redhead too. It was apparently a trait of the Uzumaki clan. He tried to imagine how he’d look with red hair…


“Ah, Nara Shikaku is giving the opening statements,” Jiraiya commented. “Sasuke looks quite calm and collected. Impressive for someone so young.”


“I don’t need the fucking play-by-play,” Naruto grumbled. “I’m sure he’ll be fine.”


“Bah! As usual “A” looks like he is constantly constipated,” Jiraiya continued, completely ignoring the loud sigh of exasperation this elicited from his companion. “If he scowls any more, his eyebrows will fall off.”


“I’m going to keep Karin company,” Naruto announced. He didn’t want to think too much about Sasuke’s situation or he was probably going to find himself running down there and pulling the boy out of the room to spare him the judgmental accusations. Besides, he was still trying to recover from a severe case of blue balls. Their last time together had not ended in a way he would have liked.


(damn it all)


“She doesn’t want your company,” Jiraiya interjected amiably. “You talked her damn ear off last night until she couldn’t take it anymore, remember? I believe she punched you in the face.”


Naruto waved that incident off. “She just needs more time to warm up to me, that’s all.”


“You’ve got plenty of time to do that. Allow the poor girl to enjoy a bit of fresh air, eh? Oh…Tsunade’s speaking now.”


“She’s like a newborn babe,” Naruto mused as Karin’s head began to nod in weariness. “She’s going to need a lot of her older brother’s guidance.” He liked the sound of that, and he grinned at the idea of protecting her should she fall into the wrong hands. Pity the bastards who try to hit on her. If they were not worthy, he was going to kick their asses.


“Aren’t you worried that she’s going to become attached to Sasuke since she’ll be attending his school?”


Naruto paused at that thought, but at the recollection of the boy’s indirect words of commitment to him, he smirked and closed his eyes. “I’m not too worried about that.”


He failed to notice the knowing expression on his mentor’s face, though the light chuckle filtered to him.


“It’s good to see you this relaxed again,” Jiraiya finally admitted with a warm smile. “For a while there, I was really worried I was going to lose you completely.” His smile faded and sadness seemed to filter into his eyes. “I thought I had failed you after all these years, Naruto. I wanted so much for you to see that life didn’t have to ‘end’ after your revenge was complete. I just wanted…”


“You have nothing to apologize for,” Naruto interrupted quietly. He lifted his lashes slowly. Karin’s book had slipped from her fingers to the ground. She was fast asleep.


(it’s always the simple things…isn’t it, sensei?)


“I owe you so much, sensei,” Naruto admitted with a growing lump in his throat. “Maybe I never really showed it to you over the years, but…you’ve always been there. You were the crutches I needed when my spiritual legs were broken, and for that…I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


There was a thickened pause in which his words seemed to swirl within the space between them like warm syrup. When Jiraiya finally cleared his throat and spoke again, there was a rawness there to betray how emotional he felt.


“Sentimentality was never your strong suit,” he grumbled. “Stop trying to act so wise now, you brat.”


Naruto chuckled and closed his eyes again. “I learned from the best after all.”


“And now?”




“All I have taught you…so far you’ve done a good job with your student. Do you plan to continue?”


“Of course. We’ve just scratched the surface of his learning. I have to surpass you in some ways, sensei. Sheesh.”


Jiraiya laughed and studied the strong back with a sense of pride.


(ah how you’ve grown in more ways than one, Naruto)


“Eternity is a long time,” he added quietly when his laughter subsided. “You don’t need me to remind you of that.”


Naruto pursed his lips. “I know. A lot of things can happen between us in the future, and I’m not naïve enough to believe there won’t come a day when he’ll wish to be separated; to seek his own path and find out who he really is. When that time comes, I hope I’ll be as strong as you were to let him go.”


He tried hard to ignore the dull ache in his chest at this scenario, but knew deep down it was going to be inevitable. No matter how romantic the idea of being with each other until death do them part, Sasuke was still so very young and he would need to spread his wings eventually.


“I’ll always be there for him,” Naruto continued with a small smile. “Just as I’ve always been from the day he was born. That will never change.”


Jiraiya nodded solemnly in approval. “In that case, you have my blessings. Just remember to take responsibility when the time comes. I know how uncontrollable your hormones tend to become during mating season -”


“Eeeh? What the fuck is the ‘mating season’?” came the sputtered protest. “And stop talking like that, you goddamn pervert…!”


“Which reminds me of a new book I’m starting and you’ll be a fine candidate - well actually both of you would make fine candidates for the main characters. Do you want to hear about it?”


“Oh God…” Naruto groaned and covered his ears, but Jiraiya wasn’t paying attention for he launched into the grand outline of his novel about two star-crossed male lovers from the distant world of –


(dear God)


He blushed and gave a small smile; cracking open an eye to notice his ‘sibling’ had curled up on the bench in a fetal position. The pages of the book flipped with every gentle caress of the mid-morning’s breeze, and as it finally came to a close, Uzumaki Naruto knew without a doubt that a new chapter of his life was now about to begin.


All he had to do was fill in the blank pages.





As Sasuke kicked off his shoes, tugged off his tie and jacket, flung them across the living room, and undid the top few buttons of his dress shirt (nearly popping those out in his haste), he decided to go back to the top of his list and curse out every bastard to get on his nerves at the farce of a hearing.


Luckily, it started with the grand-daddy of them all – “A”. I mean what the fuck did “A” even mean? Short form for “Asshole”? That wouldn’t have surprised him in the least.


He unzipped and climbed out of his pants and underwear, kicking them into the closet, before padding into the bathroom in only his unbuttoned shirt. He stared at his reflection in the mirror for a heartbeat before splashing some water on his face, muttering a loud expletive before setting up things for his bath.


Honestly, if it hadn’t been for Tsunade, Mei, and to his surprise, Neji (and some other members of the Hyūga breed), Sasuke might have been slandered to Hell and back. “A” had spear-headed the litany of accusations, claiming that Sasuke had an idea of where more of the Immortal-Killing seals were hidden. There was the claim of him actually making up the story of Orochimaru’s presence at the ‘so-called cave’, and that his ‘carelessness’ had made Kurama’s seal weaken much faster than he should have.


“What the hell are you talking about?!” Sasuke had roared back before he could control himself. “I had nothing to do with that, you piece-of-...!”


He was spared from further getting in trouble when Tsunade rose up in his defense; her voice firm and loud in the murmur-filled courtroom (though a quick glare from her was enough to tell Sasuke he had been close to fucking up big time). “A” would have shut her down with more of his strident protests, when Neji – of all people – had excused himself to actually back him up! Sasuke was sure his jaw was someone on the floor (just as well as everyone else in the room considering the history between the two clans after all), but to hear Neji recount the events of that day, and to tell just how brave and heroic Sasuke had been, was nothing short of amazing. If he could have hugged the guy, he would have – though Sasuke was sure that wouldn’t have been appreciated.


(and it would take wild horses pulling him from all sides that a small part of him was actually beginning to imagine what it would be like to ‘touch’ Neji…his hair in particular)


Sasuke flushed and scrubbed his hair a little harder with more shampoo than necessary, while clamping his thighs a little closer together. This was not the time to be thinking of such a thing especially when the one person’s support he could have used had decided not to show up.


Wouldn’t have minded seeing your face there, Naruto, he thought with a pang of misery. However, he realized it wouldn’t have been prudent. If Naruto had been there, “A” and his cohorts would have had a field day tearing him apart. And now knowing a little bit more about Kurama and his personality, he doubted the bijuu would have allowed the insults to continue. The courtroom might not be standing by the time he was done with his retaliation.  




His lips twitched into a smile as he rinsed himself. Recalling their conversation was a reminder of just how insignificant he truly was in the grand scheme of things. This world – both human and spiritual realm – was way too big for a young man like him to fully comprehend. There were always going to be mysteries yet to uncover, but knowing he would now have an eternity to explore them all to his heart’s content made his heart full.


“Would you have approved of the path I’ve chosen, Dad…Mom?” he would ask much later as he sat cross-legged before the lone reminder of a family he once had.


He caressed the worn wooden frame tenderly before allowing his fingertips to outline each face slowly…over and over until the hard lump in his throat nearly made it difficult to swallow. He missed them. He missed them so damn much. More than words could ever express. He missed every smile, every hug, every word, including every cherished memory of a family unit doomed and fated not to last. It was a cruel thing for a child to deal with, but he felt he could pat himself on the back for not choosing to simply curl up into a ball and die.


“I have friends now,” he whispered and drew his knees to his chest. “Sakura and Sai and Kakashi and Mei and Tsunade-sama and Jiraiya-sama…and maybe Karin…eventually. Hinata’s nice too…and Neji…still not too sure about him. Maybe that nod he gave me outside the courthouse was a sign that we might become friends in the future, but I’m not holding my breath. But isn’t that amazing, Dad? That our two families can actually get along …even if I’m the last of us? So don’t worry too much about me. I’ll be just fine in this new world. Just promise to keep watching over me, okay?”


He raised the photograph to his lips before rising to his feet to put it back in place. He stepped back once sure it wasn’t going to fall off the wall and met his brother’s eyes again – which he was sure suddenly appeared to know just a little too much.


“It’s okay, nii-san,” Sasuke said, not without a hint of smugness. “I’ll be the one to take care of him in your stead. I accept your blessings.”


At his computer, with the towel still draped around his neck though now clad in a pair of black shorts and one of Itachi’s old band tee-shirts, he checked up on missed emails (the usual aka Hamazaki threatening to break off their ‘deal’ if Sasuke didn’t write him back ASAP!), the latest non-BL PC games he could acquire with his incoming paycheck (The Calm had produced quite a few worthy gems Mei-chan and Chiyo-baasama were likely to drool over) before tackling long overdue schoolwork.


He was just in the midst of figuring out what the hell z2 = (x + iy2) was all about, when he felt the familiar shift in air pressure behind him.


(hn. About fucking time)


He tried to hide his smirk as his hand swiftly reached for the unsheathed sword beside his desk, to point it straight at the man who had barely settled into position.


“The fuck, Sasuke! Are we back to this again?! Watch where you point that thing…HEY!”


Schoolwork forgotten, Sasuke moved with a grace and speed that would have impressed Naruto if he didn’t find himself suddenly pinned to the floor with the young man straddling his waist – sword now pointed at his chest.


“You took too long to get here,” Sasuke replied with a raised brow. “I thought you’d be waiting for me outside the courthouse.”


“Where’s the fun in that?” Naruto replied with a quirk of his lips. “Anticipation makes the moment much more pleasurable, don’t you think?”


Sasuke felt the color creep into his features. “I have school work to finish up.”


“It’s summer vacation!”


“It’s for cram school! I do plan on going to college you know.”


Naruto rolled his eyes and winced when his attempt to lift himself up a little resulted in the sword nearly burying itself in him.


“Oy…could you point that thing elsewhere? That sword creeps me out.”


Sasuke did as told with a toss of the weapon across the room. He tried to get off – now incredibly aware of just how promiscuous a position he was in - for he was damn sure that warm and gentle nudge against his ass was about to match the problem ‘growing’ in his shorts. Now would be a good time to diffuse the situation, considering Naruto was beginning to grin at his obvious discomfort. Damn him.


“Why do you smell like curry?” he blurted out quickly.


Naruto raised an arm to sniff it as if trying to make sure he really did smell that way. “Ah, that’s because I took my baby sis to dinner tonight.”




“Karin.” Naruto beamed and it was all Sasuke could do not to pinch his cheeks. The guy looked so happy at saying those words, it was ridiculous (and yet oddly touching). “She wanted to try some Thai food, so I took her to this really great restaurant downtown -”


“Did she pay for it?”


“Of course not! What kind of a big brother do you take me for?”


“Uh huh, but whenever you have a chance you won’t hesitate to ask me to pay for any meal we eat outside. Oh that’s right; you’ve never taken me to a restaurant yet.”


Naruto raised a brow. “Are you pouting?”




“…do you want to go on a date? Is that what this is all about?”


Sasuke turned crimson and hastened his attempts to get off his tormentor. “I don’t want to go on a date,” he stammered in embarrassment. “I’m not a girl!”


“Oh? I thought all your sleazy games would have showed you that some guys do go on dates. You still have those tickets to that club, don’t you?”


“What’s that got to do with anything? And besides, I don’t feel like going.”


“You’re a terrible liar,” Naruto mused as he reached out to capture Sasuke’s wrist, stilling his movements. “Your ears turn red whenever you start pulling the Pinocchio act. You can’t tell me you’re jealous of Karin?”


“I am not,” came the trembling protest for Naruto had pulled him back, only this time, he was forced to sit on his lap. He turned several more shades of red when he felt those strong arms wrap around his waist to hold him prisoner.




“Do…don’t,” he gasped and lowered his head; Naruto’s incoming kiss meeting his temple instead of his lips as intended. He curled his toes and didn’t know what the hell to do with himself. His heart was a pounding snare drum within his chest. His hands felt useless against the black dress shirt Naruto was wearing, though his fingers somehow still found themselves fiddling shyly with the gold buttons. Naruto let loose a soft sigh; his warm breath brushing some strands of hair across his forehead and cheeks.


“Don’t what, Sasuke?” came the quiet question. “Do you want me to stop?”




Sasuke bit his lower lip and buried his heated face against the strong neck in resignation. His lips felt the pulse of every heartbeat and blood pumping, his hooded gaze marveling at the way Naruto’s Adam’s apple bobbed with every swallow. Was the older man nervous as well? The clasped hands behind him tightened as if unwilling to let him go. There was a moment where they both simply listened to each other breathe, and when Sasuke almost felt as if their heartbeats were now synchronized, he whispered softly.


“I’m…I’m nervous, okay? I know I should have an idea of how it works, but…I don’t think -”


“Have you played with yourself before? You can’t tell me you haven’t,” came the low but surprising query, which caused Sasuke to want to find a hole to bury himself in.


“Sasuke?” Naruto prodded when it appeared as if the other man would never speak.


He barely heard the “yes” whispered, and he smiled into the dark hair.


“Just your fingers…?”


Sasuke burned, but figured it was no use lying about this any way. “Fingers and…and…um…a toy…,” he croaked. “Hamazaki…for fun…he sent me a…uh…vi…vibrator…”

(God this was humiliating!)


“…and it wasn’t as if I wanted to use it,” he sputtered in defense. “But I just…there was this one game where the characters used it and one thing led to another…”


And he had ended up using the small black device for the first time in his life. Where his fingers had failed to bring him to completion, having that equipment inserted into his anus had sent him over the edge in mere minutes. He squeezed his eyes shut as the sudden memory of those breath-sapping moments had him twitching a little. It had been a while since he used it, so –


“Where is it?” Naruto growled into his ear before capturing the lobe between his teeth to nip on tenderly. He would have to thank this Hamazaki in person someday.


Sasuke shivered.


(oh fuck…can’t concentrate…)


Naruto made things worse by shifting positions suddenly, eliciting a low gasp as now obvious arousals brushed each other within bothersome constricting clothing.


“Sasuke,” came the husky call of his name which had him clutching Naruto’s forearms tightly. “Where is it?”


“Un…under my bed…black box…I…”


But he was silenced as his lips were seized in a kiss guaranteed to devour him easily. He welcomed the intrusion, wrapping his arms around Naruto’s neck as his moan of pleasure got lost amidst impatient and hungry tongues.  He hardly felt himself being raised – and probably would have blushed up a storm if he realized that Naruto now had him in a bridal lift – until his back collided with the familiar soft sensation of his bed and pillows. He writhed in delight as his lower lip was caught between Naruto’s teeth before the blond completely pulled away. When he finally lifted lashes that felt heavy, the expression in those darkening blue eyes above him caused his already strained erection to swell with lust.


“Give me a minute,” Naruto whispered thickly. “I’ll be right back.”




When Naruto left – and Sasuke’s guess was that he was heading to the bathroom – he shook himself out of his dazed stupor to roll off the bed. With hands that still shook (his head and heart still reeling); he searched for the familiar black box and almost panicked when he felt nothing for a while until his fingertips finally brushed against it.


His already flushed features darkened as he opened the box to reveal its content. He had not really found it funny when Hamazaki sent it and could remember the conversation he had on the phone with the guy.


/It’s just a thank you gift for all you’ve done for me so far! Enjoy it, eh?! You’re old enough to know how it’s used./


And enjoy it he had indeed.


He withdrew the small black oval object, which had come along with a bottle of cherry-scented/flavored lubricant (that was almost finished by the way), and checked to make sure the damn batteries were even still working. A single click and its immediate vibration against his palm was enough to have him clamping his legs tightly.


Dear God. Was it really so bad that just the sensation was enough to get his anal muscles yearning for contact? He glanced toward the bathroom area and wondered how long it would take Naruto to get himself prepared. He looked back at the toy and subconsciously licked his lips. He squirmed again and bit his lower lip. He was horny as hell. No other way to put it. It had been a while since he used this, so why not prepare himself a little before Naruto showed up? There was no harm in doing that, was there?


He rose on unsteady legs to peel off his shorts, not too surprised to find that his briefs was already damp with pre-cum. Already familiar with the pattern of getting himself off, he lay back on the bed and reached for the lubricant; pouring as generous an amount as he could manage on both device and his fingers. He closed his eyes and tentatively explored the ‘taboo’ region – which was funny considering he had taken a shower and had really thought nothing of it then. But now…


“Aaaah,” came the breathless sigh as a slick finger found its way past the tight ring of muscle. It probed and withdrew…went in again and pulled out carefully. He licked his lips and arched off the bed a little; slender hips quivering as his motions went a little faster. When the second finger found its way in, his sigh became a breathless gasp; inner muscles stretching just a little wider as they prepared the highly sensitive area for a much bigger invasion.




His left hand searched blindly for the device; nearly knocking it to the floor with his clumsy attempts. However, he need not have bothered for the rough voice to grate into his ear nearly had him coming there and then.


“Couldn’t wait after all, eh?”


(oh God! Naruto!)


His lashes flew open to meet the amused darkened eyes above him, but he would be spared the agony of explaining himself when Naruto claimed his lips hungrily again. Sasuke would vaguely realize that his teacher was now clad in only his pants, for the wonderful sensation of that naked broad chest against his and his trembling left hand reaching out to claw at his back – was nearly his undoing.


He tried to withdraw his fingers from their probing, but was stalled as Naruto held them in place.


“Don’t stop,” came the low command against swollen lips. “You have no idea how fucking sexy you look when you get off, do you?”


(me? Sex…sexy…ah!)


He arched off the bed at the sudden intrusion of another finger inside of him; his low cry swallowed within another kiss that was designed to take his breath away. When a rhythm was established, Sasuke’s toes curled into the sheets as he was stretched wider than he ever had. His maximum had been two fingers and then the toy, but with Naruto exploring him in such a way…


“Aah…ah…oh fuck! I’m…I’m…” He dug his fingernails into Naruto’s back, barely hearing the low hiss of pain this elicited. He was unable to control the low moan of dismay when Naruto withdrew, but not for long, for the soon familiar low whirring sound of a certain device and the soon vibrating sensation against an already twitching hole was enough to have Sasuke crying out in pleasure.


Damn his worry about sounding like a stuck squealing pig. This was too much.


“Come for me,” Naruto ordered in a low growl as he pushed the toy deeper into him until Sasuke was nothing more than a quivering mass of ecstasy. His body writhed beneath the stronger and bigger one, his lower lip caught between his teeth as every nerve-ending in his body was triggered. His tee-shirt was roughly pushed up to reveal pink-tinted nipples hardened to relief; a sight that was not ignored as Naruto latched on to suck on greedily.


“Oooooh God!” Sasuke moaned/cried as quaking hands buried themselves into Naruto’s hair. He was a complete mess, made worse when Naruto was ‘evil’ enough to increase the vibration on the device. Sasuke nearly bucked him off the bed, turning to his side and clamping his legs tight to control the surge of adrenaline and indescribable pleasure coursing through him. God help him, but he was going to have the mother of all orgasms if Naruto didn’t let him –


“No…please…” he begged when he was turned onto his back again to meet the grinning visage of his partner. “I can’t…I’m going to co…come…”


“Then let me taste you when you do,” Naruto cajoled as he slid down the bed, strong and slightly calloused hands running down the battle-scared body until they steadied on his hips. He appeared to want to memorize every wound and bruise Sasuke had sustained during combat, his lips trailing over the faint scars until they tasted the salty thickness of the boy’s semen.


He looked up as he teased the quivering thick flesh, his own erection throbbing with desire at the picture the boy presented. He had never dared to go this far with his older brother; always feeling just a little bit guilty at daring to show this side of himself to anyone. And yet here he was, about to savor a sinful treat reserved for him after all these years. He lowered his lashes and licked from base to tip; his tongue resting and relishing in the pulse of throbbing veins against it. He moaned and licked again and again, not stopping until his lips pursed over the bulbous tip to toy with the cum-slicked slit. He could feel the vibrator within the boy and he smiled as he engulfed the entire length in his mouth to feast on it to his heart’s content.


Hearing Sasuke’s low cry was heaven. For a young man whose vocal expressions ranged from quiet (and sometimes judgmental) comments to roars of anger – this was a side Naruto was happy only he would have the pleasure of knowing. This vulnerable, beautiful young man was his to protect and to love until Fate saw it fit to keep them apart. But until then…


(ah yes)


The boy stiffened. The organ in his mouth swelled. There was a choked sob from above, and soon the helpless thick spurts of satiation filled his mouth. He swallowed as much as he could, while slowly withdrawing the vibrator from a hole that was now more than ready for what he had to offer. He released Sasuke’s cock with a loud smack and lick of his lips, while marveling at the sight left behind once the device was completely withdrawn. He was now able to insert two fingers easily, but found his hand and arm trapped as Sasuke clamped his thighs together again.


“No…” came the low whimper into the pillows. “No more…I can’t take it anymore…you’re going to fucking kill me…”


“Oh no, you’re not going to leave me hanging,” Naruto whined as he probed deeper and Sasuke’s hips moved on their own accord; a choked sob escaping his lips. “It’s not fair.”






Sasuke finally turned his head a little; his glazed darkened eyes looking down at the begging ones below. He was still trying to catch his breath from an orgasm that still had him trembling and damn if Naruto wasn’t helping him with the way he kept fingering his ass like that.


“…can I touch you then?” Sasuke asked softly. He blushed at the grin this garnered.


“I thought you’d never ask.”


He finally withdrew his fingers, but not before making a show of licking them slowly much to Sasuke’s embarrassment. He sat back and watched as the young man slid off the bed to fall to his knees – since standing at this point wasn’t going to be an option – and almost held his breath at the delectable sight this made. Sasuke was pushing his thighs apart to get to the zipper of his pants; tentative fingers brushing over an erection that was threatening to rip a hole right through the cloth. It was a reminder that this was going to be Sasuke’s first time doing this with anyone, and his heart trembled at the naivety shown.


He smiled warmly and cupped the boy’s chin to look into the flushed and slightly fearful visage.


“It’s okay,” Naruto encouraged tenderly. He leaned down to kiss lips that welcomed his thorough attention. Sighing with pleasure as they finally pulled apart. “Just take it easy and watch your teeth. No biting. Try to remember how I did it with you and you should be fine.”


Remember? Sasuke was sure his mind was so far gone when Naruto was sucking him off, he could barely remember a damn thing, but then again, how difficult could it be to give someone a blow job. The characters on the games had made it seem easy but…


(this isn’t a game, Sasuke! This large, warm thing in your hand is definitely not made out of pixels. God, he’s so big. Please don’t let me screw up. Please don’t let me screw up. Please don’t let me…)


He sucked shyly and was rewarded with a deep sigh. He looked up with concern, but at the sight of Naruto’s closed eyes and the expression of bliss on his visage, was enough to give him some confidence. He took a little more into his mouth; amazed at how ‘alive’ this thing felt against his tongue. He closed his eyes and licked slowly…carefully…hoping his teeth wouldn’t cause any damage for the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Naruto. Shy fingers caressed the base and sacs, fondling them and earning even more breathless moans from his partner.


“So good,” Naruto whimpered. “You’re doing so well, Sasuke…”


It was hard not to feel a rush of happiness at that praise, and it emboldened Sasuke to take even more than he felt he could; feeling the muscles of his mouth work a little harder as they struggled to contain the man’s hard length. He nearly choked when there was the sudden gentle pressure of Naruto’s hand on his head, urging him to suck a little faster. Sasuke did his best to oblige, but to his dismay, he realized he couldn’t keep up. He knew Naruto was close to coming for those powerful thigh and torso muscles were beginning to tighten in response.


(ah…I…I can’t…)


He longed to get some air, to catch his breath, to pause a little before he passed out and ruined a perfectly good evening. However, he didn’t want to disappoint this man he loved more than life itself. He wanted to please him as best he could, but as he felt the tears of frustration begin to form in his eyes, he was forced to withdraw with a gentle push of his head.


“I’m…I’m almost there,” he pleaded miserably as he met those understanding blue eyes that sent his heart turning into a pool of mush. “I’ll try harder…just…I just wanted to -”


(make you happy too)


But the words were stuck in his throat as he was lifted up to be straddled across those thighs he had caressed just moments earlier.


“Don’t cry,” Naruto whispered against his temple as Sasuke lowered his head in shame. “I don’t expect you to know everything the first time -”


“But I wanted to -”


“Shssh,” came the husky interruption as Sasuke felt the unmistakable nudge of something thicker – much thicker than a measly egg vibrator – against his prepared anus. “Just close your eyes and hang onto me, my love.”




“I’ll show you just how good it can be…”


(…my love…)


Sasuke – who was still basking in the glow of that term of endearment – sank his teeth, before he could control himself, into Naruto’s shoulder at the slow thrust of that hard length into him. When he broke through skin and had the first sensation of warm blood on his tongue, he hardly noticed for his entire being was a taut bow ready to let loose with just the right trigger.


“Relax,” Naruto cajoled as his hand moved toward Sasuke’s neglected cock to begin stroking. “Take a deep breath and relax…okay? I won’t hurt you. I promise.”


(deepbreathdeepbreathdeepbreath…aaaah fuck…!)


Naruto went a little deeper and Sasuke’s hands upon his forearms tightened. Naruto withdrew and pulled back a little. If he noticed he was now bleeding from his shoulder or that Sasuke was watching him with something akin to panic (afraid he was about to call it quits), he ignored it and searched for the bottle of lubricant.


“Should make things a little easier,” Naruto explained with a playful wink as he covered himself with the last drops until his cock seemed to glisten with the fluid. Sasuke was even tempted to slide back down to his knees to give it another go, but was left gasping as he was placed back into position. This time Naruto was almost half-way in until Sasuke remembered he had to breathe.


(oh my God)


Now he had a better appreciation for BL characters who claimed like they felt they were being split in two. Sasuke had always thought that a little too dramatic, but right now…as Naruto withdrew again –




…and thrust even deeper, Sasuke could only wrap his arms around his lover’s neck and hope to God he didn’t pass out from sensory overload. All the same, there was pain and considering he had a high threshold for it, it was still enough to have him sucking his breath and pacing himself; for Naruto was doing his best to make him feel comfortable as well. His cock being stroked and fondled was a very pleasant and delightful distraction.


“…gonna…move…” Naruto grunted after a muffled expletive of how “fucking tight” he was.


Sasuke felt his waist gripped – as if Naruto hoped to steady himself – and when those hips moved beneath his, Sasuke felt his world take a nose dive into a sea of such sensory delights, he could barely speak or find the voice to cry out. Up and down, up and down, in and out, in and out. Over and over and over again. A once unsteady rhythm soon found them making such magnificent music in mere moments. The pain dulled from its blinding flash of scarlet to a throb of amber. It began its slow ascent to cerulean heights, a crescendo that was heralded by both men making low (and soon louder) sounds of approval. It was a staccato duet of passion, and when Sasuke threw back his head and arched into his lover, he did not care if the entire fucking world knew he was just about to blow into a million smithereens.


He loved this man.


“Oh God,” someone gasped.


Loved him more than words could ever say.




He wrapped his arms around Naruto’s neck and moved in closer…closer still until nothing but a whisper of air separated them. Black with a hint of red met and drowned in twin pools of swirling blues and violets. Sweat-stained foreheads met and stayed connected as hips strained for that final push into completion. Parted lips breathed into each other; words they could not say out loud passing between them anyway.


(I love you, Uzumaki Naruto. In this present. In that past, and in our future to come. I will always love you)


And when he swallowed the shocked gasp from the older man’s lips in a passionate kiss, Sasuke knew that this time, there was no mistaking the full depth of his unspoken promise.


(for all eternity, Uchiha Sasuke, for all eternity)







Mount Myōboku


Gamatatsu was the first to notice it.


Sunbathing next to the steps of the great temple – a wonderful afternoon breeze caressing his leathery orange skin – his nose twitched at the new scent.




He cracked open an eye to glance at the foliage, having to blink a little to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.




“Whatsa matta, Gamatatsu?” Gamakichi asked as he hopped out to join his younger brother. However, he needn’t have asked as his gaze followed the direction of the pointing webbed finger.


The brothers watched as the seedling continued to push itself out of the earth with stubborn determination. Its stem grew just a little longer, bright green leaves unfurling to wave a shy ‘hello’ to its captive audience. Within the hour, there was yet another sign of life – a swollen bud which began to reveal itself slowly as if being peeled apart by an invisible hand. However, it would go no further than that, though there was no mistaking the faint hue of scarlet peeking through its’ protective cocoon.


The brothers looked at each other, wearing matching grins.


Despite it not being as tall as the flower by its side, there was no doubt this new plant was going to be its equal someday. For now, both seemed to bow toward each other in unison, buds touching lovingly in silent homage.


They would patiently await the return of their owners, and only then would they finally unfurl their beautiful petals in full bloom.



…Time was of no consequence…






Naruto Home

















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