The Promise of a Dream


To Whom It May Concern,


I write to you from a hotel room with a majestic view of the Swiss Alps in the distance. Snow drifts outside the windows, and though I am tucked in bed with a companion who is fast asleep, I wish I could claim this as a honeymoon or something quite as romantic.


Well…I guess you could consider it romantic considering our location, but we are here on assignment and have been on many assignments for the past three years.


Yes, three long (and wonderful) years as partners and lovers.

(I do like the sound of that, dear Reader)


With our job complete here in Switzerland - where we exorcised several yōkai (although the Swiss regard such evil spirits as Krampus) from a village tucked in the mountains – we are ready to move on. It was a rather trying assignment, but we’ve managed to leave unscathed and with satisfied customers. As evidenced with the rather large dinner that was prepared in our honor. My partner had a particular love for their pastetli (a sort of meat pie) and somehow conned his way into getting an extra basket which now sits on the coffee table half-finished.


(the greedy thing…thought it is rather delicious if I do say so myself)  


A lot has happened since my last letter. Where I was naïve and new to most things at the time, my journeys around the world since then, have opened my eyes and heart to so many things (both good and bad) I could write a novel or two.


I have become a much better spirit warrior; able to teleport and cast spells should the occasion call for it. Why with such wonderful teachers (excluding the snoring one beside me), I wouldn’t have made it this far. Haruno Sakura and Sai still prove to be invaluable friends (both are prime for senior promotions at S.W.A.T. in the near future). Kakashi maintains his role as a distant but willing mentor (he still travels the globe seeking and assisting other spirit warriors). Mei-chan and Chōjūrō, as well as Chiyo-baasama welcome me with open arms whenever I visit, and of course, there’s Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama who I can always trust to be there for me should I ever need their expert advice.


I have made other new friends – well, perhaps acquaintances should be the term. The Hyūga clan have overtly tried to woo me into their ranks, but I have politely declined with the promise that I would simply work with their warriors should the need arise. I refuse to be affiliated with any one clan now. After all, the Uchiha blood still runs through my veins, and no matter what dark and troubling history we’ve had, I’m determined to begin a new chapter for myself. I will forge a new path for my clan in my own way.


Karin has adjusted well to her new life, and though our early conversations were stilted and polite, we’ve become a little more comfortable in each other’s presence. You would be surprised to see how much she’s changed since then. No longer reserved, she’s most likely to lash out and show her vivacious nature should she be provoked or excited about anything. The last I heard was that she was in a relationship with a young man by the name of Hōzuki Suigetsu, something my partner (as honorable big brother) is still scowling about. After all, no man is too good for his precious ‘baby sister’. Personally, I think Suigetsu’s an idiot, but rather useful when occasion calls for it. The only problem is that he’s human, and we worry that their relationship might hit a roadblock should the truth ever be revealed. However, that’s something Karin will have to decide on her own. Big Brother has promised to always be there for her should he be needed.


I apologize, for if you could see me now, I can’t help the smile on my face at the messy blond hair below me. He’s stirring now, so I have to be less noisy so I don’t wake him up. We’ve had a long day – where we spent most of it skiing and getting acquainted with the Alps. It was exhilarating and so has every day been with this man so far.


What an adventure it’s been.


We’ve walked hand-in-hand down the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France, trekked the  sprawling northern county of Yorkshire, England, explored the caves in Quang Binh, Vietnam, worshipped at the temples in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and marveled at stunning architecture in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We’ve made love in the sticky heat of Perth, Australia or beneath the safety of tents in the wild lands of Laikipia Plateau in Kenya. We’ve danced in the streets of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, kissed beneath the stars in Frankfurt, Germany, and skinny-dipped in the waters of the Uruguayan Riviera. He’s whispered words of devotion to me on the lochs and Highlands of Scotland, beneath the dazzling sights and sounds of Chennai, India, or while cruising along the gentle waters of the Mekong River.


And with every moment spent together, I get to learn more about this teacher, partner, and lover of mine. I marvel at just how knowledgeable he is; how he’s able to speak each native tongue, know its cultures, and assimilate easily. It’s a reminder that he has lived for a long time, and that there is still so much more I could learn from him. All the same, I have long known he is no saint, and there are days when we get into arguments and fights over the littlest things. When that happens, either he or I take off for days at a time in an attempt to get our ‘space’. Fortunately, those separation periods never last too long. Surely you must have heard the saying about how make-up sex always turns out to be the best, right? Well, there’s no use denying that when it comes to us, dear Reader. I’m beginning to think we should fight more often.


In more somber (yet relieved) news, I finally got to learn of just where Itachi’s remains were kept.


Absolutely nowhere yet everywhere.


My brother’s final days were spent at the private residence of a retired doctor introduced by Kakashi. Despite my insistence to remain by his side at all times, he would always urge me to go to school and not to worry too much about him. Despite how sickly and emaciated he became, he always fussed over me as he always had.


I would learn of his passing on a bitter winter evening, just as I ran back to our apartment after school to change my clothes. Kakashi was sitting by the doorway and just one look was enough to tell me the horrible news.


“The doctor took him away,” Kakashi had said at the time; ignoring all my desperate pleas for him to let me know where my brother’s remains were. In time, I chose to believe that wherever he was, he was at least happier than he ever was while alive, and perhaps I would have gone on living in blissful oblivion if Naruto hadn’t brought it up again that night.


As it turns out, my brother had requested that Kakashi cremate his body and spread his ashes upon the sea; a secret to be kept even from Naruto. Itachi had never been one to try to conform to rules if they didn’t suit him, so why allow himself to be ‘trapped’ six feet under for all eternity? His dying wish to be ‘free’ from the chains that had bound him to duty while alive was carried out in a quiet and unassuming ceremony. He wanted to spare Naruto the pain of his decision as well as to prevent greedy clans from getting a hold of his body to uncover its secrets.


“I apologize for having to lie to you both,” Kakashi had admitted when he finally came clean. “I will take full responsibility for Itachi’s wrath should we ever get to meet in the afterlife.”


Naruto and I couldn’t remain  upset with him even if we wanted to, and chose instead to sit on the picturesque cliffs of Kasumi Coast in silence; watching the sea for hours on end as if hoping to hear Itachi speak to us. And perhaps he did – at least I’d like to think he did. My only fear was that Naruto would revert back to his old self, longing after my brother and what they might have had. Did a part of him regret not fighting harder for Itachi’s survival? Was he regretting not being by Itachi’s side in those final moments? Was he wishing that things had been different? That it was Itachi by his side and not me?


I was so worried (and scared) he was thinking the latter, that I was tempted to excuse myself to give him the privacy he needed. However, as dusk fell fast and a slight chill filled the air, I felt the sudden warmth of his jacket draped over me and the gentle grip of his hand as he squeezed mine and held on tight.


“Let’s go home, Sasuke,” he had invited with a tender smile. Four simple words that brought a hard lump to my throat. I could only nod and follow, not wanting to show him how happy his words had made me as we walked away from ‘our past’ and toward a new future we hoped to carve for ourselves.


Come tomorrow, we’ll be in a small village close to Krabi, Thailand, for yet another assignment which might leave us battered and bruised once complete. But trust me when I say I would have this no other way. I am as happy and content as anyone in my position could be. I have a man who cherishes and embraces all my strengths and flaws, and whose flaws are still so many it would take a lifetime to fix them all.


But hey…that’s exactly what we have, isn’t it? An eternity and beyond to work on our beautiful imperfections…




“…whaareyouwritin’?” came the muffled complaint against his stomach.


“A letter,” Sasuke replied. “I’m almost done…hey! Naruto!” He giggled helplessly as a wandering hand traveled beneath the blanket to caress a rather sensitive part of him. “Cut that out.”


He tried to push away the hand, but Naruto nuzzled closer and tried to lift his head to peek at the letter. “Lemme see…”


“No! Go back to sleep.” Sasuke held the notepad and pen above his head with a pout. “I just have a few more lines left. Honest.”


“Mmm…whatever…” He placed a hard kiss on Sasuke’s torso and slid lower until he was completely hidden beneath the thick comforter. What he did next nearly had Sasuke bucking off the bed with a soft gasp and quivering moan.


Damn him…


“Narutoooo,” he pleaded breathlessly.


“Write faster then,” came the muffled cheeky response.


“I hate you so fucking mu…shit!”


(what the hell am I going to do with you?)




Unfortunately, dear Reader, I’ll have to stop now. It’s getting a little difficult to concentrate, and I doubt you’ll even be able to make out these words should you ever get a chance to read this.


However, I implore you to remain diligent and aware of your surroundings, for we just might be that slight gust of wind to brush your skin when you least expect.


Farewell for now,

Until we meet again.



Uchiha Sasuke

St. Moritz, Switzerland





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