Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke, Itachi/Naruto/Sasuke, Itachi/Naruto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut!

His hands trembled as he stared at his reflection in the mirror and willed himself to continue with what he had already planned for the evening. It was too late to back out now and if he hoped to achieve anything, he would have to work much faster.

“I brought you something to drink, nii-chan…”

“Since when?”


“Since when did you start caring enough to get me anything to drink?”

He scowled but masked it quickly with an attempt at a smile. “I just thought you might be thirsty. You’ve been training so hard today and I…”


The cup trembled in his hand.
/Take it, you asshole! Just take the damn thing and put me out of my misery!/

“Would you…?”

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think you were trying to poison me.”

The cup trembled a bit more. “What makes you think that?”

“Because you look like you want to poison me…but then again, you’ve always looked that way.”

He maintained his smile. It was getting a bit tight though.

“If you aren’t thirsty, I’ll just take it back then.”

“Whatever. Give it to me.”

And the boy did so – gladly.

He slipped the fish net blouse over his head, past his shoulders and patted it down against his torso. It itched a little but it fitted him just fine.

And sweet Kami, it reeked off its owner. Shamelessly, he closed his eyes and inhaled it as deeply as he could.

He swayed for a moment, but then forced himself to regain his composure. He would have to hurry if he hoped to make it on time.

He slipped into the light pants quickly and reached for the comb. With furious strokes, he brushed his spiky and rather unruly dark locks as fast as he could – until it was able to be tied into a rough ponytail behind him. His bangs, naturally, fell before and around his face….but it still wasn’t enough.

Would he notice the difference? It was going to be dark after all…so it wasn’t too bad. Was it?

No…I can’t be too careless about this, he thought as he began to rummage through the drawers in the room. He spotted the bottle of purple nail polish and hissed in irritation.

He would have to do that too.

Fucking…! Why did his brother have to be so…so…weird?!

A low groan had him stiffening in worry and slight fear. He hoped and prayed that the older boy wasn’t awake yet. Kiba had specifically told him not to put in more than one teaspoon of the sleeping powder – as that was bound to knock any normal man off his feet for hours. But this was Itachi we were talking about and Sasuke was no fool. If he hoped to send his brother into the deep abyss of darkness, he would have to do a whole lot more than just one measly teaspoon.

He had added five….just to be on the safe side.

The moans stopped. He gave a huge sigh of relief and eyeing the dreaded bottle with the purple liquid, Sasuke made himself comfortable on the low stool and began the daunting task of polishing his finger and toe nails.

Half an hour later, he eyed his reflection in the mirror with a smirk. He couldn’t believe it himself.

Itachi was staring right back at him.

So, his brother was a wee bit taller, but no one would be able to tell the difference…that much. He threw the black and red colored cape over himself and buttoned it up quickly, blood red-sharingan eyes staring at the clock as he felt his heart begin to pound fiercely within his chest.

He lowered his lashes and took a much needed deep breath. He knew that what he was about to do was going to anger the parties involved if they found out…but he had to do it. He just had to! He had to find out if his hunches were correct.

And if they were indeed true…only Kami knew what would happen next.

He walked steadily, carefully, trying to match his brother’s lazy saunter with each step he took. He deliberately kept a low profile, trying hard not to garner any attention to himself. But it was extremely difficult as the presence of the Uchiha Itachi was enough to get some lonely women and a few men (much to Sasuke’s dismay) seeking his counsel.

He was extremely grateful when he finally found himself getting into much quieter territory. Across the bridge and into the outskirts of the Forest of Death, he waited with his heart in his throat, knowing full well what was bound to happen next.

It had all been by accident to be honest. He had been restless – unable to sleep. Ever since Itachi had decided to change his ways and come back to the Leaf - to become an ally - his dreams had been filled with images that had threatened to drive him insane. None more so than the constant ones of his brother and a blond shinobi…together.

He had decided to take a walk – to clear his thoughts and his mind and somehow, by some act of Fate, his feet had led him here. For a moment, he had thought he was seeing things and was unable to believe his eyes. But there was no doubt about it. The figures had clearly been that of his older brother and his teammate! They had both disappeared just as suddenly as he had arrived and Sasuke had been too stunned to move or even react for a long time afterwards.

He couldn’t believe what he had seen. He didn’t want to believe what he had seen!

So why was he doing this now?

To prove a point that’s all, he told himself firmly. I just want to know if it’s true. If it’s…

“Mmmm…Itachi, you’re early tonight.”

Sasuke felt his blood run cold and then his heart rate quicken as he felt the strong hands suddenly wrap themselves around his waist from behind. He swallowed tightly and closed his eyes, willing himself to form some sort of response.

The other boy pressed his lean body against his back and Sasuke all but groaned at how warm and good that felt. He shivered and opened his mouth, but the other boy’s lips against his neck sent him whimpering with delight instead.

“You smell different tonight, my love,” the boy whispered thickly as his wandering hands slid beneath the dark robe to seek and find the growing bulge within Sasuke’s pants. “But that’s okay. I don’t mind pleasing you either way.”

Sasuke couldn’t speak. He couldn’t even if he wanted to.

So this…this was what they both did. For just how long had this been going on?

And oh, dear God, but what in the hell is he doing with my…?


It was a heavy sigh of pleasure and yet disbelief as he felt the drawstring of the pants loosened and the boy’s strong hand wrapping tightly around his thick flesh. Sasuke could feel his knees tremble and he must have slid down a little for the boy’s arm had tightened around him in support.

He closed his eyes and tried to breathe evenly, but it was extremely difficult to do.

“Do you like that, my love?” the boy crooned huskily into his ear. “Mm…you are already so hot…and dripping…do you need some help with that?”


A light ‘puff’ sound was heard and Sasuke opened hazy, lust-filled depths to gaze in amazement at the smirking clone of the boy now before him. The blond fell to his knees and pushed the robe open a bit impatiently revealing the fisted cock to his gaze. Sasuke watched with his cheeks flooding with color and his heart pounding even faster as his teammate licked his lips in readiness. He had never seen the other boy look this…hungry before.

But he thinks I’m Itachi, he thought a bit sadly. It’s…it’s me, Naruto…not him…


He threw his head back and screamed to the heavens as he felt the warm mouth envelope his hot flesh in one smooth motion. The Naruto behind him fondled his balls gently while continuing to whisper soft words of encouragement into his ear. Sasuke was overcome and overwhelmed by how good this felt. He, who had always shuddered another human’s contact especially this boy’s, was now rendered helpless and speechless from the double assault on his body.

He almost screamed again as he felt the cool night air against his chest. He hadn’t even realized that Naruto had taken off the robe completely and had begun to tweak his nipples through the flimsy fish net blouse.

“So good, Itachi…you are so good…”

It’s me! Me, damn it! Sasuke! Not Itachi!

He wanted Naruto to make love to him! Not to the looming figure that was his brother. He felt ridiculously close to tears – angry, hurt and extremely jealous. His brother had been on the receiving end of this for some time now. How else would he explain Naruto’s eagerness to please? How else was there to explain this reverence towards his body?

He was almost naked now but despite the cool air, his flesh was a trembling mass of heat. Naruto had cloned himself again and now the three boys were making quick work on him. Sasuke sank one trembling hand within the blond locks below him, his hips beginning to move on their own accord as he felt his orgasm fast approaching. The third Naruto had begun to suck on his nipples and Sasuke was merely standing by the support of the original that was still behind him.

“I’m…I’m com…coming…” he panted harshly as he tried to warn the other shinobi. “Naru…Naruto…”

But a sudden light squeeze on his balls and the loss of the warm lips and tongue on his cock had him crying out in dismay.

“Not so fast, Itachi…or should I say…Sasuke,” came the low response against his ear and the younger Uchiha could feel his cheeks flame with shock and embarrassment.

“Naruto…” he began thickly in an attempt at some form of explanation. But just what could he say? He could clearly see the amusement in the others eyes and he felt even more flabbergasted.

The blond licked his ear before nipping the sensitive flesh gently. “I knew it was you from the beginning. After all…your brother told me…”


A shadow was seen moving behind some trees and Sasuke could feel his humiliation grow tenfold as he sensed the undeniable presence of his older brother. He lowered his head and struggled to stop the rising well of fear within him. He was going to be punished for this - he knew that only too well. Just what had made him think he could throw Itachi off in the first place?

“Having fun, little brother?” came the low taunt that had Sasuke gritting his teeth. “If you had wanted to join us all you had to do was ask.”

The genius flushed as he felt Naruto begin to caress his nearly flaccid cock back to life again. He writhed and tried to make the blond stop. Knowing that his brother was watching all of this seemed a bit more…


…wrong. But the sudden thrust of Naruto’s finger within his unprepared and virgin opening had him squeezing his eyes shut and hissing in pain. And not withdrawing his finger from the dark boy’s ass, Naruto released him quickly causing Sasuke to fall on his hands and knees to the ground.

He could sense Itachi approaching and he stiffened in response, only to bite back another scream as the second Naruto had slid under him to continue his ministrations on his neglected cock. The third clone was no longer needed it seemed.

“I want him, Itachi,” Naruto whined almost childishly as his fingers worked like pistons in and out of his teammate. “You promised I could have my fun with him when he did show up.”

Sasuke swallowed tightly.

Shit. They had known all along.

He felt like such a fool.


He felt the hard tug of fingers within his hair as his head was lifted up roughly. His eyes caught the cold ones of his older brother and he shivered.

“What do I do with you now?” Itachi asked more to himself than to the other participants. “You’ve interrupted my time with Naruto…”

“Why him?!” Sasuke suddenly blurted out angrily – his jealousy spilling out like waves against a current as he glared. “Why do you want him?! He…!”

“Belongs to you?” Itachi finished with a light smirk as he glanced at the blond who was now grinning in delight at the new revelation. “Didn’t you know that he was after you, Naruto?”

The kyubi shook his head and withdrew his fingers. He eyed the reddened and quivering hole with a lick of his lips. “This makes things so much better, ne, Itachi? We can all have some fun now, hmm?”

“Have…fun….?” Sasuke was about to ask in confusion before a raw scream of pure agony was ripped from his throat as he felt the sudden invasion of something hard, long and quick thick within him. He almost fell to the ground again, but Itachi’s grip on his hair tightened and he was forced to raise shimmering red depths to the hazy vision of his brother before him.

“What do I do with you now?” came the soft question that sounded more like gibberish to Sasuke. His cock was being feasted on, his ass was being filled with Naruto’s pumping flesh and he was bound to go insane with pleasure at any minute.

Itachi’s smirk grew wider as he nodded softly to himself. “Suck me off, Sasuke,” he commanded in a tone that left no room for argument. “And if you can make me come fast enough…I’ll let you come. But if you don’t…I’ll make Naruto stop.”

No! Sasuke screamed inwardly at the thought of the blond stopping his actions at this point. His body was practically begging for release and rational thinking wasn’t an option now. And so with hands that trembled badly, Sasuke pushed aside the dark robe quickly. He groaned as he felt Naruto’s cock bury itself deeper within him.

Oh, god, how much more could he take?!

With hands that were barely steady, Sasuke wrapped his fingers around his brother’s hard cock, a bit surprised and embarrassed at how much bigger it was and at how slick and hot the throbbing flesh felt. He closed his eyes and prayed to the gods to forgive him for doing something this terrible, before darting out a tongue to lap up the drops of cum that had escaped the thick cock.

“Harder, Sasuke,” came the soft command again which was followed by another rough tug on his hair.

Squeezing his eyes, a few tears escaping his closed lashes, he opened his mouth a bit more to accept the older man’s organ.

He was tasting his brother. He was actually doing this to his brother! And from someone’s low moan – his? Itachi’s? Naruto’s? he couldn’t be sure, but it seemed as if the entire world had faded away as all he could think, feel, see and smell were the two…well three if you counted the second Naruto still sucking on him…men around him.

He licked, sucked and blew on Itachi for as long and as hard as he could. He could hear his brother’s low sounds of pleasure and somehow that knowledge was enough to make Sasuke feel incredibly pleased. He was capable of making his brother sound this way and that was good enough for him.

“Ah…!” He tore his lips away from the hard cock to cry out in delight. He could feel an intense heat course through his body. Naruto had brushed against something deep within him and he was unable to control himself any longer. He was going to explode. He was going to! He was…

“Now,” Itachi said calmly and just like that Sasuke’s world was turned into a blinding flash of colors unimaginable. He could feel the thick spurts of come that flooded his ass from Naruto’s orgasm and the accompanying bite on his shoulder from the panting blond. This triggered off his traitorous body as he too exploded within Naruto’s mouth below him.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, Sasuke could feel his face and hair showered with the thick, pearly semen from his brother’s cock. He closed his eyes and licked his lips, giving a soft sigh of satiation before collapsing to the cold earth with a weak grunt of exhaustion.

He barely felt both Narutos withdraw from him or Itachi stepping away with a soft smile on his features. Sasuke had never felt this good before and his last thought as he slowly began to fade into welcome sleep was that he wished they would let him join them more often.

Itachi leaned back against the tree while making room for his blond lover upon his lap. He wrapped his arms tightly around Naruto’s waist, smirking as he listened to the restless whimper from the younger man.

“It was good tonight, wasn’t it, my love?” he asked softly as darkened red depths drank in the delectable sight the blond made.

Naruto chuckled and bit lightly on the strong neck before him. He writhed suggestively on Itachi’s lap with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “But you liked it more, didn’t you? You know your brother too well.”

“I am a bit surprised he went to such lengths to look like me. Hmm…should I be jealous, Naruto?”

He placed his hands on the boy’s hips and lifted him gently. And still holding the smoldering blue depths before him, he slid into his lover’s tight heat with a soft sigh of content.

The kyubi’s response was to laugh in delight as he threw his head back, while allowing himself to be swept away with the combined emotions of lust and jealousy.

He would give Itachi no answer for he knew that deep down inside, he really belonged to no one but the beast within him.


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