Chapter 17:


With only 16 teams left, the arena was considerably less crowded – although a few members from schools that had lost in the first round stuck around to watch the remaining matches.


Team Taka was back to Ring Five and this time, their opponents looked like they had been watching one too many Bruce Lee movies. Iwaki Koukou’s uniform consisted of yellow jumpsuits with black stripes on the side – the same outfit the famous martial artist/actor had worn in his last movie.


“Funky,” Naruto said around a snicker as he, Suigetsu and Sasuke stretched together. “I wish Rock Lee was here. He’d have had a ball with these guys.”


“Don’t forget Gai sensei,” Suigetsu grunted as Naruto tugged his arms to ease the stiff muscles there. “That freak would be dancing with joy too.”


Kakashi’s shadow loomed over them as he tapped his notebook. “The fighters have been picked. So…Suigetsu, you’re up first, then Naruto and if needed, Sasuke you go last.”


“Heh, you might not get to fight today, Sasuke,” Naruto said with a smirk, idly noticing that the other boy looked less…well…tense. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but Sasuke appeared to be more relaxed than ever, or perhaps it was the kiss that had done it. Naruto still couldn’t believe he had done something so bold, although he had to admit it felt pretty good to shock Sasuke every once in a while with something unexpected.


“I better not,” came the amused reply from their captain. “I trust you two to take care of things, right?”


“You bet, mon capitaine,” Suigetsu replied, bounding to his feet and hopping in excitement.


A loud gong was heard as the announcer stood on his podium to blast through his bullhorn. “ROUND TWO NOW BEGINS! FIGHTERS TO YOUR DESIGNATED RINGS AND GOOD LUCK!”


“This is the big one,” Kakashi said quietly. “Remember, if we win, we get to the semi-finals tomorrow. Suigetsu…try not to get too excited out there and lose your control…same goes for you, Naruto. Good luck.”


“Did I miss it?!” Karin panted as she dashed in with Juugo following at a slower pace. She wiped the remnants of the crumbs of whatever she had been eating from her mouth and eyed the other school’s fighters.


“Just in time to watch me shine, babe,” Suigetsu replied, grinning as they noticed their umpire make his way to the middle of the ring. He accepted the good luck kiss from his girl and took a deep breath, feeling his heart beating harder and faster with unbridled adrenaline. This was the moment he had been training so diligently for all these months. Finally, it was his turn to show the world what he was capable of.


“Fighters for match one to the ring please,” the umpire announced. “Your name?”


“Suigetsu – Team Taka – Konoha High.” He winked at his teammates and leapt onto the stage.


His opponent was a wiry kid, dressed in the ridiculous yellow jumpsuit and with a bowl cut so severe, Suigetsu wondered if it could slice through anything. To add to his irritation, the kid seemed to be bouncing all over the place even as the umpire tried to ask him his name.


“Jackie Chun,” the boy replied in a nasal voice. “Team Dragon – Iwaki Koukou. Awwwoooooo!”


“The fuck?” Naruto asked in confusion and yet amusement as the boy fell into a crane stance, arms over his head as if channeling the Karate Kid. “And what kind of a name is Jackie Chun anyway?”


Suigetsu, with arms folded across his chest, watched the ridiculous display before glancing at his teammates as if wondering if he had just stepped into a bad episode of the Twilight Zone. “What the hell is this?”


“Don’t take him too lightly,” Sasuke called out. “They must have won the first round with some wicked skill or something.”


“Fighters ready?”


Jackie fell into another ridiculous pose, while Suigetsu rolled his eyes and fell into a more traditional stance. He had to get this over with before his temper got the best of him. The kid was really beginning to piss him off.




“Awwwooooooo! Crouching tiger…hidden dragon!”


Suigetsu blinked. “What the…?”


“Haayaaa!” The sudden kick to his face had the Konoha fighter staggering backwards in surprise. He shook his head to clear the sea of stars that danced before his vision. The stupid kid was still hopping around like a bunny, making those annoying sounds, but there was no doubt it was all a ploy to distract him. Jackie was pretty damn quick on his feet.




“Calm down, Suigetsu,” Kakashi murmured.


Suigetsu smirked and spat. “Lucky shot, Jackie whatever the hell your name is, but you’re going dow…urgh!”


This time the blow had seemed to come from nowhere. One minute, he was speaking, the next, Jackie had used those skinny legs to deliver a series of kicks to Suigetsu’s unprotected torso. He fell to his knees, clutching his stomach whose muscles seemed to stretch and contract in painful waves that made it hard to breathe. What the hell was this guy made of? Steel?


“Hayaa! Jumping spider!” Jackie fell into another pose.


“Come on, Suigetsu!” Naruto bellowed. “Don’t let him fool you with those dirty tricks!”


“Yeah, babe!” Karin screamed. “Show him what’s what!”


Shut the fuck up, Suigetsu wanted to scream, as he rose to his feet and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He was running out of time and…


“Drunken monkey!” Jackie screeched and as Suigetsu opened his eyes to see what the bastard was doing now, he was stunned into silence at the sudden burning sting felt on his left cheek. His head snapped to the side, eyes widening in disbelief at what had just happened.


It was a slap. Nothing but a slap.


“Whoooooo, drunken monkey attack two!”


A slap….the son-of-a-bitch slapped me!


If there was anything Suigetsu considered more insulting, it was receiving a slap from anyone. It dredged up memories of foster homes where fathers had not given a damn about him or his mothers. It dug up bitterness and pain, of curling up in the quiet of his room, sobbing into his pillow as he had been humiliated by lecherous old men who wanted nothing more than his flesh.


A slap…


“Drunken monkey……aaaaaaaargh!”


No one had seen any particularly impressive move, but what they could see was Jackie suddenly flying out of the ring with a force that had him crashing into a wall across the room and leaving a noticeable dent in the thick concrete. Suigetsu looked as if he hadn’t moved from his position, but if his lowering right hand was any indication, it seemed like he had just delivered the mother of all slaps to Jackie.


The umpire blinked. “Uum…”


“Isn’t the damn match over?” Suigetsu growled. “End it already.”


“Ah…yes, yes of course. Winner of the first match…eh…Konoha High!”


Their audience erupted in applause as Suigetsu jumped out of the ring. He should have been gloating, but the unwelcome memories still burned in his mind. He barely heard his teammates' enthusiastic cries or the warm feel of Karin’s hug and kisses as he looked up at Kakashi.


“May I be excused, sensei?”


Karin, finally noticing Suigetsu wasn’t acting like himself, frowned lightly in concern. “What’s wrong?”


Kakashi nodded slowly, realizing that something must have happened to cause the boy to be this somber. If he needed the space to work out his problems, then so be it. “Yes, you may. Good match by the way.”


“Yeah, whatever.” He turned to leave, only to look back at Naruto. “Win, blondie, or I’ll kill you.”


Naruto grinned. “Heh. Don’t go too far. It will be over before you know it.”


Suigetsu managed a wan smile and left the room with Karin hot on his heels. Naruto’s grin faded as he watched the couple. He too had noticed that Suigetsu wasn’t his normal self, and had to wonder if that confession about his childhood and the way Jackie had fought him today caused the sudden change in demeanor.


“He’ll be fine,” Kakashi said as he noticed the concerned looks on the fighters’ faces. He gave them a warm smile of reassurance. “I’m sure Karin will help him where we can’t. Naruto?”


The blond looked up with a start as if awakened from a doze. “Yes, sensei?”


“You’re up. Time to show us what you’ve got, eh?”


Naruto grinned and cracked his knuckles. “Yeah!”


“Good luck, Naruto,” Juugo said with a warm smile.


“Make it quick,” Sasuke mumbled and earned a playful nudge as he tried not to smile. “Good luck,” he whispered as Naruto walked past him. He felt hot at the quick wink directed towards him, forcing his gaze to their opponent to will away the random sinful thoughts that filled his mind.


“Second match begins,” the umpire announced. “Fighters to the ring! Your names?”


“Uzumaki Naruto!” came the loud response as he bounded to the ring. “Team Taka – Konoha High!”


“Lin Chin – Team Dragon – Iwaki Koukou!”


Naruto gawked at the lithe female, for there was no mistaking the swell of her boobs beneath the jumpsuit. She too was doing the ridiculous crane stance pose, but unlike her male counterparts, she made it look kinda…well…sexy.


“Ah shit, why do I have to fight a girl?” he muttered, wondering how to go about this. Even when sparring with Karin, he had to be careful, but now…


“Fighters ready?”


They fell into their stances.




“Haaaaayaaaaa!” Lin spun around like a top sending a sudden gust of wind which forced Naruto to shield his eyes. He took a step back, only to grunt in pain as he felt one blow…then two…then three in rapid succession on his back, stomach and legs. A sharp stinging sensation on his cheek had him grimacing, a thin trickle of blood the result of the unexpected cut. He would have buckled to his knees, but managed to squint and notice the tips of her stocking-clad feet.


“Gotcha.” He dove for them and smirked at her yelp of astonishment. Hoping he could at least push out of the ring, so he wouldn’t have to hurt her, he was taken by surprise as she raised her other leg to deliver a hard axe kick upon his shoulder blades.


“Damn it!” He was forced to release her, rolling away to his haunches to glare in thought as to what to do next. Man, talk about a tough chick who wouldn’t quit. He licked his lips, the blood from the cut flowing into his mouth. He couldn’t see her holding any weapon, since that wasn’t allowed, and her fingernails weren’t that long or sharp. He deduced that the wind motion from her twirling must have caused it. She must be converting her ki into invisible blades that could hurt him badly if she tried that stunt again.


“Crouching Praying Mantis!” she shrieked.


“Wha…? Whoa!” He dodged with a back flip as she seemed to leap towards him. Her foot, which had been raised again to slam into him, crashed into the floor instead. The dent that was left behind gave the blond reason to gulp. His shoulders were still stinging from her earlier blow.


“Two minutes left, Naruto!” Sasuke yelled. “Stop seeing her as a girl, goddamnit!”


“Shut up! I’m thinking!” Naruto hissed back.


Lin gave a shy smile. “You wouldn’t hurt me now, would you, handsome?” She lowered her leg and then took a deep breath, allowing her chest to expand in a way that drew attention to her breasts. On any other day, Naruto might have been distracted by this display, but Sasuke’s reminder and the fact that he really didn’t have time to appreciate the boobies (however excellent they were) had him making a final decision.


“Sorry, babe,” he said with a regretful smile. “Don’t want to do this, but you know…I’ve got a match to win here.”


And in a move Kakashi had taught him, Naruto seemed to crouch as if about to begin a race. With a speed that was barely visible with the human eye, he dashed towards the girl and, remembering not to use too much strength, he transferred a direct flow of his ki through his arm, into his palm and delivered a swift punch to her shin. She would only sustain a bruise, but he had added the extra energy to throw her out the ring with no intention of breaking any bones. Her surprised shriek at the attack was followed by her teammates scrambling to catch her before she fell to the ground.


Naruto exhaled and rose to his full height. “Phew. Close one.”


“Winner – Team Konoha! Two wins means you advance to the semi-finals tomorrow. Congratulations!”


Naruto bowed as their audience broke into applause. “Thank you, thank you,” he enthused, blowing kisses as if speaking to an adoring crowd. “I’ll be here all weekend.”


“Get off the stage, dipshit,” Sasuke called out, unable to stop the smile that came to his features even if he wanted to. “We need to patch you up.”


“Bah, I’m fine!” Naruto jumped off the ring, landing lithely on his feet. “How did I do, Kakashi sensei?


“Not bad, not bad at all,” his teacher praised, chuckling softly. “However, the tougher teams and fights begin tomorrow, so don’t relax just yet.”


“I wanna see if Omoi made it,” Naruto said, heading toward the large poster board. Only two more matches seemed to be taking place as he walked past the other rings, and none of them featured his friend’s team, which meant that they had either won quickly or had lost.


In his haste, he bumped into someone, grunting lightly and turning around to apologize. “Sorry…I didn’t mean to bum…”


The cold teal eyes that met his had him faltering. He had noticed the Sand’s team captain since their arrival, but hadn’t been this up close and personal yet. The boy was slightly shorter than Naruto, but there was a presence that seemed to surround Gaara – a presence that made him downright fearsome. Maybe it was the extra heavy make-up around the eyes or that tattoo that must have hurt a bitch to sit through – I mean seriously, who got a tattoo on their forehead? There was no doubt the boy must have a high threshold for pain if he could withstand the…


“If you’re quite done staring at me,” came the low statement which sent a flush of color to Naruto’s cheeks. “I’d like to move.”


“Oh yeah…eh…sorry…” Creepy dude.


“Hi, Naruto.”


He perked up considerably as he noticed it was Temari greeting him. “Hey, girl. How are you? Congrats on getting to the final eight.”


“Thanks.” She gave him a warm smile. “Congrats as well. Who knows? We might end up meeting in the second semi-final match. We’re in the same block.”


“We are?” Naruto turned to the board, noticing that the officials were beginning to arrange things in order. Sure enough, the final eight teams were being paired up and from the way things were going, it looked like they would potentially be fighting with Team Sand in the match needed to decide who would make it to the finals. Team Cloud and Akatsuki were in the same block, meaning for either team to make it to the finals, both would have to face each other in the deciding match. Naruto felt a cold dread in the pit of his stomach as he thought of his friend having to deal with those bastards. He didn’t know how strong Omoi was now, but at least he hoped he’d get to see his friend perform first hand tomorrow.


“The matches are going to be one by one, right?” Naruto asked.


“If you mean one after the other, yes,” Temari replied. “And with no time limit, it could be an all day thing.”




“Naruto.” Kakashi’s voice broke through his thoughts. “Come on, we need to rub you down and take care of that cut. Besides, you have friends and family who want to see you.”


Naruto gave a whoop of delight. He had almost forgotten about Shikamaru and the others. It was time to catch up with his buddies, and waving good bye to the blonde girl, Naruto dashed out of the arena and towards the visitors lobby, full of excitement and eager to share it with anyone who cared to listen.




It was almost ten o’clock at night when Naruto finally made it back to their hotel room. After spending most of the afternoon and evening with not only his three best buddies, but with Omoi and even Jiraiya and Ms. Fuyutsuki, Naruto was dead on his feet. Locking the door behind him, he flopped onto his bed and kicked off his shoes, stretching as the soft comfort of the blanket and pillows soothed his aching body. He could vaguely hear the shower running and figured one of his roommates was making use of it. He closed his eyes and smiled at the memory of his day. It was his uncle who had sponsored the trip, inviting Kiba, Shika and Chouji and the girls to come along for the ride. They were staying at a neighboring hotel – just right across the street - and his uncle had spared no expense, providing the teens with an entire penthouse suite for their leisure.


“Lucky bastards,” Naruto said with a chuckle as he remembered the shenanigans they had gotten into. He had invited Omoi along, and needless to say, he fit in well with the others. Playing video games, ordering the most ridiculous things for room service and running around the spacious corridors, were just a few of the childish things they had done. However, it had helped Naruto relax. He only wished his teammates had been there to join him. He hadn’t seen Suigetsu and Karin since they left the arena, and noticing that Suigetsu’s bed was still neatly made (thanks to the maids), Naruto could only assume they were still together. As for Sasuke and Juugo, they had excused themselves after another brief visit with Sai. Maybe Sasuke spent the rest of the day with his parents, who knows?


The sound of the bathroom door opening had Naruto turning his head a little. Prepared to hail a loud ‘hello’ in greeting, he felt his mouth run dry as Sasuke stepped out with nothing but a towel draped around his waist and another being run through those spiky locks vigorously. Drops of water shone like crystal beads on his toned and wet torso as he walked further into the room. He would have made his way to the fridge to grab a drink, but his startled gaze drifted to the still figure lying on the bed watching him in silence.


Sasuke flushed. “Geez, when the fuck did you get in?”


Naruto, who was sure his voice would fail him, was surprised to hear himself speak. “Not too long ago.” Damn if his pants weren’t getting too tight at how good Sasuke looked. He fought to lower his gaze…to look at anything but at the boy now approaching him…or actually his own bed.


“Oh…didn’t hear you come in,” Sasuke muttered as he sat down, turning away from Naruto to dig through his bag for his pajamas bottoms. After a long thick silence that was gradually filling with tension, Sasuke cleared his throat and asked. “So…eh…how did it go with the friends and family?”


“Great!” Naruto replied too quickly and in a voice that sounded breathless. God, but he was acting like this was the first time he had ever seen a guy naked. He had seen plenty of guys…okay, maybe not that many but still…he would not admire the way Sasuke’s back looked so strong…or how that skin begged to be touched…or why he was getting so damned turned on by a guy he had sworn never to get too attracted to…


…even if he was the last guy on earth, eh?


“We…eh…had a lot of fun…wish you were there though,” Naruto finished quietly.


Becoming restless or better yet, hoping to get rid of the aching strain in his pants, he bounded to his feet and began to make his way to the bathroom. “I’m…eh… gonna take a shower…so…if you need me…”


As soon as the words escaped his lips, he knew he shouldn’t have said that for Sasuke glanced over his shoulder, and the look directed at Naruto was so heated and full of blatant desire, the blond felt he was bound to melt into a puddle if he didn’t look away.


“If I need you?” came the low question. “You have no fucking idea how much I need you.”


Oh, God…I can’t fucking breathe…I can’t…and he’s coming towards me…



Sasuke had risen to his feet, that hot gaze, which seemed to plead yet demand Naruto’s complete attention, spoke volumes. In a move that was nothing short of seductive, Sasuke’s hands began to travel down the length of his torso. He gasped and allowed his lashes to flutter shut, throwing his head back as he began an act of self-gratification unlike anything Naruto had ever seen before. He could only watch helplessly as Sasuke’s hands roamed down his chest, caressing his nipples before hovering at the edge of the towel that was already threatening to fall.


“Naruto…” came the guttural moan from his dark-haired tormentor. “Naruto…Naruto…”


The towel slid to the floor revealing more of Sasuke than Naruto could have ever dreamed of. The boy was certainly...talented… in that department to say the least.


“Holy fuck…” Naruto gasped, struggling to gather moisture in his parched throat. He was frozen in place…wouldn’t have been able to move anyway even if he wanted to. Sasuke’s hand was traveling down…down….lower… and lower until the lean fingers caressed his cock sending shivers down both boys’ spines at the simple but downright naughty act.


Sasuke lifted his lashes slowly… scorching…burning… “Do you want me to do it, Naruto?” he asked in a voice that seemed to drip with sex.


“Do…it…?” came the croaked response.


Sasuke licked his lips and moaned again, this time lowering his head and his gaze to the floor as his fingers wrapped around his cock to tug gently. “You want to watch me come, don’t you, Naruto?”


Naruto swallowed. He wanted a whole bunch of things, but he couldn’t trust himself to speak. He must have said something or made a sound because Sasuke’s hand began to move up and down…faster and more in control. It was clear the boy knew how to bring himself the utmost pleasure and he was doing a fine job showing Naruto how it was really done.


“Uuuh….Naruto…” Sasuke breathed and fell back to his bed; body arching into relief as he squeezed his eyes shut and stroked himself even faster. “I want….want…” He panted breathlessly, unable to finish his broken words as his entire body seemed to stiffen.


Fuck me to hell and back. That’s it. I can’t take it anymore.


With a single stride, he was before his captain, a hand reaching out to cover Sasuke’s hard working one to finish off what he had started. Sasuke’s lashes flew open as he felt the slightly callused flesh against his and he jerked in response, unable to control the sudden rush of intense pleasure that overwhelmed him and brought tears to his eyes.


“Oh, God…” came the breathless gasp before he exploded against their hands, his torso, and Naruto’s uniform - even a few drops of his seed found its way to Naruto’s cheek. “Fu…fuck…”


Naruto grinned and reached out to wipe the evidence, bringing it to his lips to taste Sasuke for the first time. “Mmm….”


Sasuke’s already flushed features darkened at the heated look in the other boy’s eyes. “Am I really that good?” he asked, a light smirk coming to his lips.


“Better than candy,” Naruto replied, only to yelp in surprise as he was suddenly tossed onto his back on the bed. His parted lips were seized in a hard kiss, restless hands tugging at the belt that held his gi together. Without saying a word, both boys worked together in getting rid of the restricting clothing, harsh breaths mingling as Naruto sat up to all but rip off his top while Sasuke dealt with his pants. They fell back to the bed their kisses deepening as their naked bodies met for the first time.


Naruto’s sexual experiences were restricted to losing his virginity at fourteen to a woman Chouji had introduced him to – she had been nice enough to help Kiba and Shika as well in the initiation process. His second time was with a girl he was sure he had been in love with, but it turned out she had not only lied about being a student of a neighboring high school, but she was actually a freshman in college with a boyfriend who was a member of a notorious gang. Needless to say, the fight that had occurred afterwards hadn’t been pretty.


Sex with the girls had been great – well as great as he could remember considering he almost always came too fast or didn’t come at all, and they weren’t moments he could relish or recount over and over in his mind when prodded. He had simply slept with them for the sake of his reputation – to not be the laughing stock of his peers. Sex had really meant nothing to him but another ritual in growing up. Some of the porn videos he watched showed the girls overacting their pleasure, but even then, Naruto had wondered if he’d ever have a girl that loud or crazy about him…a girl that willing to make him feel like he was the most important thing in the world…a girl…


“Oooooh fuuuuck!” He jerked off the bed as he felt Sasuke’s hand wrapped around his cock, soon followed by the sensation of wetness and warmth that could only mean he was getting the blow job of his life.


He looked down at the tousled black hair bobbing up and down below him, and bit his lower lip so hard, he could almost taste blood. He threw back his head and struggled to breathe, to control himself from coming too soon as Sasuke toyed with his balls, stretching and caressing them as his tongue did that amazing twirl motion around the tip of his swelling…


“Shit…shit….shit….Sas….Sasuke….I’m gonna….I’m gonna….oooh….”


“Not yet, Naruto,” came the breathless whisper from his partner as his cock was squeezed gently. He looked up at the taut body trembling with desire and Sasuke smiled at his handiwork. He was going to make sure Naruto never forgot this night even if he never got to this again. He was determined to enjoy this moment for as long as he could. Months of fantasizing, teases and unwelcome interruptions had brought them to this point and nothing was going to stop him now.


Keeping his eyes trained on Naruto’s flushed and lightly sweaty visage, he traced the outline of the boy’s anus, licking his lips as he stuck his finger into his mouth to coat it with saliva before thrusting it slowly into the puckered entrance that seemed to contract and expand at the unexpected invasion. As expected, Naruto seemed to tighten his inner muscles, as if rejecting Sasuke, and he sat up with a panicked look in his eyes, head shaking as he tried to convey his fear at what was about to take place.


“It’s okay, Naruto,” Sasuke whispered, leaning up and placing a kiss so tender and loving on the blond’s lips that Naruto felt like a baby being comforted by a mother. He closed his eyes as he felt the finger again…moving slowly…carefully…deeper into him. “Just breathe,” Sasuke urged in reassurance, trailing a soft kiss along his jaw and towards his weak spot.


“Oh, God…Sasuke…” Naruto sagged against his partner, hands reaching out to grab Sasuke’s shoulders for dear life at the dual attack on his erogenous zones. The roaming finger went deeper…Sasuke’s kisses on his ear were more teasing. Naruto felt the rush of heat to his cock and groin area and he knew he was going to come any second now.


“I want to…” he pleaded in a voice that sounded hoarse and weak…needy and almost whiny. “I want to come, Sasuke….please…”


“Not yet.”


Before Naruto could say anything else, Sasuke was pulling away a little to reach into the carryall bag at the foot of his bed. He rummaged around for a moment before whipping out what looked like a small bottle of oil and a familiar foil wrapper.


Naruto blushed several shades of red and covered his face, unable to believe this was happening to him. “Oh God…this is embarrassing. You carry that with you all the time?”


“Shut up. I’m always prepared,” Sasuke said around a soft chuckle, smirking as he unwrapped the condom. “Besides, no way in hell are we doing this without precaution…”


“You know…just in case I get pregnant or something,” Naruto teased, trying to will down the nervous butterflies that filled his stomach. He hadn’t exactly done research on how guys lost their virginity, but he hoped to God it wouldn’t hurt too much. All the same…


“Is it going to…?” He cleared his throat as he watched Sasuke roll the protection over his cock, again amazed at how deft the other boy was with things like these. He had to wonder how many times Sasuke had had sex with boys and girls.


“Hurt?” Sasuke finished with a warm smile. He held up the bottle of lube and leaned down to reassure his concerned partner with a slow and thorough kiss that had the blond turning into a pile of mush once released. “Not with this,” came the soft whisper against his swollen lips. “I’ll make it good for you, Naruto. You’ll see.”


He nodded and squeezed his eyes shut, listening to the cork of the bottle being open, the sound of it being poured into Sasuke’s palm and then…


“Naruto…you had better relax…”


“You try relaxing when your butt’s about to be de-virginized,” came the nervous response.


“Well, I’m trying to make this as pain free as possible and de-virginizing you will involve you helping me and you too by not being so tense.”


“Okay, okay, already…Christ!” Naruto tried to breathe evenly…tried to think of good…happy….




The bastard was doing it again…sucking on Naruto’s cock while teasing his anus with his well-oiled fingers at the same time. He barely felt the two fingers that slid into him and began to stretch his tightened inner muscles, hoping to relax them as best as possible. Naruto’s hips began to thrust upwards on their own, his aroused nipples jutting in relief as his neck arched with increased pleasure. A breathless mantra of ‘yes, yes, yes, oh yes’ escaped his swollen lips. He almost cried out as he felt Sasuke withdraw, and he opened his eyes to tell him to continue, when he felt the tip of something much bigger and wider than fingers tease the prepared entrance.




The dark-haired boy leaned over him, his features a play of shadows thanks to the lamps that were the only source of light in the room. It made him look more mature…more in control of the situation, even as his heart raced with the enormity of what he was about to do. In his dreams, he had imagined them in this position. In his dreams, he had watched Naruto writhe and squirm below him in uncontrolled lust. In his dreams, Naruto had screamed out his name, never wanting to let go. However, reality presented a different picture – a picture that reminded Sasuke that this was a boy who had never experienced anything like this before and was giving himself up willing…trusting that Sasuke wouldn’t hurt him.


“Naruto,” he croaked in a voice thick with that emotion that made him want to break down in tears. “Naruto…please…trust me…” He closed his eyes as he captured the blond’s lips, sucking in a breath as he began to thrust into the waiting heat.


“Ah shit…” Naruto gasped, pulling away from the kiss and clutching the sheets in a death grip as he tried to breathe evenly. “Sasuke…wait….wait….go easy…”


He waited patiently, all the while trying to ease Naruto’s fears by placing tender kisses along his sweat-lined jaw and neck. He’d be patient for as long as it took.


“Oka…okay…” Naruto panted, thrusting his hips upwards in a motion for Sasuke to continue. “I’m…I think I’m ready now…aaah….”


Sasuke went even further this time, stopping when he felt Naruto tense up again. He whispered loving words of encouragement, withdrawing to the tip and then thrusting in a little deeper each time he felt Naruto was relaxed enough. His resolve to be gentle nearly snapped as he could go in no further and the tight inner muscles wrapped snugly around his cock, trapping him like a vice. He moaned and buried his face against Naruto’s neck, biting gently as desire like a sharp prick of a knife pierced through his mind, making his world go nearly black with its intensity.


“Oh, God, Oh God, Oh God….Sasuke…move…move goddamn it before I go fucking crazy.”


And move he did. His thrusts gathered momentum and rhythm, heightened only by Naruto’s low sounds of pleasure as his legs wrapped around Sasuke’s waist, and arms around his neck. He held on tightly, afraid that if he let go, he’d collapse into an abyss that would drive him mad. Sex had never been this intense before. Sex wasn’t supposed to make you see stars like this. Sex with a guy, goddamnit, wasn’t supposed to make you want to cum all over yourself like a schoolboy having his first experience. Sex wasn’t supposed to be this…this…


“Ah fuck! Help me!” he cried out in defeat as he buried his face against Sasuke’s neck and finally let go of the explosive heat that threatened to send him into spontaneous combustion. He barely heard Sasuke’s accompanying cry of completion, but did feel the boy swelling within him as his cock finally released thick spurts of seed between their slick torsos.


He fell back to the bed, pulling Sasuke along with him, their bodies still trembling as they tried to regain their shattered composure. They were hot, sticky and languid in their satiation, neither able to move a muscle as they struggled to slow down their heavy breathing and pounding hearts.


Sasuke was the first to recover and he slowly pulled out of Naruto, both sucking in a breath at the slight pain yet bereft feeling it elicited. He rolled unto his back and was surprised (and secretly happy as hell) when Naruto seemed to curl up against him with a small smile on his features. Neither boy said anything, words seeming too trivial to explain just what they had experienced. Sasuke settled for brushing away the blond locks stuck to Naruto’s damp forehead in soothing, gentle motions, feeling his lashes getting heavier as welcome sleep beckoned.


“So this is just one night with you, eh, Sasuke?” Naruto finally whispered after what seemed like an eternity.


Sasuke blushed as his words were flung back at him. “It doesn’t have to be just one night, Naruto,” he replied softly…hopefully…wondering if the blond would give him…no them…another chance to do this again.


“Naruto?” he asked quietly, when nothing was heard from the other boy, slight panic in his voice as he hoped he hadn’t pissed him off. “Naruto, you don’t have to…”


The light snore interrupted his hasty words and Sasuke felt his heart swell with the depth of his feelings for his partner. He stared at the boy in peaceful repose for a long minute and then leaned forward a little to place a tender kiss on Naruto’s forehead. Reaching for the blanket (they had kicked it to the floor earlier) Sasuke pulled it over them and snuggled against Naruto’s warmth.


He had no fucking idea how things would be come morning, but for now, Sasuke was determined to savor this intimate moment, for as long as he could, and add it to his ever growing collection of memories…


… of the one he loved.




Chapter Eighteen


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