Pairing: Kabuto/Sasuke, Sasuke/Naruto
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: Angst, Yaoi

It was cool in the cave as he shuffled in wearily. Long and irregular shadows danced upon uneven rocks thanks to the crude torches that lined the spacious coven. He stopped and stood, almost uncertain of what to do next as he eyed the narrow bed already prepared for him.

“Just take off your clothes and lie down,” a voice said from the shadows. “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

The young man shivered in response and gritted his teeth. He opened up his mouth to say something, but the simple act was proving quite difficult indeed. His jaw was swollen and his mouth wet and hot as a painful reminder of the blood that had once filled it earlier. He shuffled like an old man towards the bed and sat heavily upon it. He fought against a cry of agony as his hips protested the sudden movement.

How many bones had he broken today? At this point, keeping up with the constant damage being inflicted on his being, each and every day, was going to become quite the chore.

He held out his arms, at a rather awkward angle, and began to peel out of the black tunic as carefully as he could. Getting it over his head was going to be a tricky maneuver, but if he bit down on his lower lip hard enough, he was sure he would be able to manage with no problem at all. Doing just that, he closed his eyes and tugged. His head felt too big for his body. His once spiky black hair lay in limp, damp strands upon his neck, cheeks and forehead. A light sheen of sweat had broken out on his skin again with the effort as he tossed the tunic to the ground.

He could hear his unseen companion moving about in the shadows behind and for some reason, that very action annoyed him to no end.

“A little help here,” he ground out coldly, his voice a deep resonance that bounced off the stony walls.

“My, my, impatient today, aren’t we?” The owner of the amused voice stepped out of the shadows and pushed his glasses a bit higher up the bridge of his nose, forcing the younger man to glare at nothing but reflections of fire upon them.

However, a light frown came to his features as he eyed the wounds the dark-haired boy had sustained in today’s training. Walking closer, he tapped a cool finger upon the pale chest, nodding to himself at the barely audible wince that escaped his patient’s lips.

“Using the chidori again, were you?” the man asked flatly. “At this rate…”

“Don’t waste my time, Kabuto,” came the impatient retort. “You know as well as I do that I can handle it now.”

“Yes, that’s all very well and good, but I don’t need to remind you of how upset Orochimaru is going to be when he sees what you’ve done to your body again.”

The boy said something crude beneath his breath and Kabuto rolled his eyes in exasperation. “Lie back, you idiot,” he muttered as he pushed the younger man unto the bed. “This is only going to hurt…a lot.

And true to his words, Kabuto’s cool blue charka enjintou began its slow but painful task of restoring Uchiha Sasuke’s broken body into something that their master would appreciate.

For his efforts, Sasuke’s low cries of anguish, were like sweet music to his ears.

Two long and arduous hours later, Yakushi Kabuto let himself into the inner chambers that belonged to the one of the great sannin, Orochimaru. He sighed to himself as the familiar smells of medicine, sake and the faint but undeniable stench of death, filled his nostrils. As usual, Orochimaru’s bedroom was as dark and as cold as his personality. Hardly stepping into the room completely, Kabuto could already tell that his master was impatient and quite irritated about something.

He decided to stall for time.

“Have you had your meal yet?” he asked quietly as he walked up to the bed with a warm smile on his youthful visage.

He eyed the skinny figure wrapped in thick bandages from head to foot. Only slits for his eyes and mouth had been allowed and even then, just staring into the icy snake-like depths sent a reluctant shiver of apprehension down Kabuto’s spine. He told himself that he ought to be used to his master’s nuances by now. However, there was no doubt that Orochimaru could kill him if extremely provoked. His master might have been considerably weakened from the Third Hokage’s curse, but Kabuto was still wise enough to know that Orochimaru was not one to be taken lightly at any time.

As predicted, Orochimaru greeted him with stony silence. It spoke volumes.

Kabuto sighed again and lit up some candles beside his master’s bed. He hated to admit that a part of him was still jealous at all the attention Uchiha Sasuke had been garnering from the beginning. At first, he had only thought the young boy to be a brat and an annoying one at that. There was no denying his talent as a shinobi of course, but the older he got, the more Orochimaru insisted on wanting to know everything and anything about the supposed genius. To claim Sasuke’s body and to make it his own was all his master wanted. Unfortunately, Kabuto was beginning to notice the other look that had begun to show in Orochimaru’s eyes.


He stared blindly at the flames flickering before him wondering when the changes had begun. Sasuke had arrived here almost three years ago and anyone would have been a fool not to have noticed just how much he had changed since that time. Days, weeks, months and now years of training had given Sasuke a body that any warrior would kill to obtain. Those smoldering black eyes and the blood red eyes of the infamous sharingan were enviable. Those full lips that had never cracked a real smile since his arrival here were simply made to be kissed and his newfound strength and agility…worshipped.

Kabuto sighed again and almost jumped out of his skin as something hard crashed at his feet. He eyed the broken water jug for a moment, knowing that Orochimaru must have thrown it, before stooping to his hunches to pick up the pieces quietly.

“I will bring him to you,” he finally said slowly as he rose to his feet again, unaware of how tightly he was holding on to a ceramic piece as it dug deeper into his palm. A thin trail of blood slid down his wrist to his elbow, but he didn’t care. His master was impatient and it was his duty to appease his tumultuous soul.

He opened his eyes slowly, blinking as he tried to make sense of where he was.

“It’s about time you woke up, Sasuke,” came the familiar voice that had him sitting up so quickly, he almost fell back to the ground in his haste.

He felt his cheeks fill with color, pale again and then flush with heat as he stared at the smiling boy sitting before him.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up for a long time now, Sasuke,” the boy said as he moved closer.

Sasuke stared…and stared. He refused to believe it. He couldn’t believe it.

“You didn’t kill me, Sasuke,” the boy whispered against his lips as their hands met in mid-air.

Sasuke held on tightly as if afraid to let go for fear this wonderful dream would come crashing to a painful halt. He opened up his mouth and let his friend in – his best and only friend.

As they kissed, they explored each other – murmuring within their unholy communion at the changes between them.

Your hair…it’s much longer, Sasuke whimpered as his fingers trailed down the other’s chest.

Your scars…they’re much deeper, the blond whispered almost achingly as his fingertips traced each one tenderly.

Your tears…

…they’ve never stopped…

Sasuke pushed him to the cool earth, now aware that they were completely naked. He wasn’t even sure they had had clothes to begin with, but that didn’t matter now. Nothing mattered besides the smiling boy beneath him.

“I’ve waited for so long, Naruto. So long…to make you mine…”


They strained against each other – penetration swift, painful and oh, so glorious. Chakras flared and enveloped their sweat-slicked bodies as they sought to find a rhythm that only they could dance to. Faster and faster, deeper and harder.

Naruto had never looked so beautiful.

When they came, they rose to the heavens. They screamed as they cried, tasting each other’s anguish and as they fell back to the earth, they tried to cling on for as long as they could.

“Stay…” he pleaded. “Just one last time…”

“I can’t…we just can’t…”


“We’re too different now…we’re not boys anymore…innocence has been lost…forever…”


He tried to hold on to the fading image of his friend, shuddering as the surroundings that had once been filled with light slowly turned into a darkness that he had come to accept within his heart.


The door to the bedroom opened carefully and closed just as quietly behind the visitor. The man’s cool gaze fell over the naked and huddled figure in the corner of the room as his lips quirked into a knowing smile.

“My, my, making out with yourself again, Sasuke. You really should consider my offer and allow me to ease the tension you no doubt feel.”

Sasuke lifted his head slowly, dark eyes narrowed dangerously as he glared at the looming figure before him.

“I’d rather die than let you touch me,” he growled softly before grunting in pain as his neck was suddenly trapped in a chokehold.

“No…you’d rather let Naruto do that for you, right?” Kabuto retorted coldly as he eyed the shackled teen with a smug look of satisfaction. “I heard you moaning his name…hear you crying out his name each night like a lovesick fool.”

He stared at the thick evidence of Sasuke’s orgasm and smirked. “I’m right here, Sasuke,” he muttered seductively as he lessened the death grip on the boy’s neck to trail his tongue along Sasuke’s jaw and earlobe. The boy shivered reluctantly, closing his eyes as he tried to pull himself away from a touch he wished could be repulsive to him.

But I’m alone…so alone…

He whimpered at the feel of Kabuto’s fingers on his nipples and all but cried out at the warm lips that followed soon after. His hands strained within the steel chains, clenching and unclenching tightly as Kabuto continued his slow torture. Tears of shame and anger filled Sasuke’s eyes as he watched the silver hair go even lower. And as the warm mouth engulfed his swollen organ, he choked back a harsh sob and squeezed his eyes shut to stop the tears from sliding down his cheeks.

He couldn’t fight even if he wanted to. Kabuto had been shrewd enough to drug him earlier making his muscle movements sluggish and heavy. He was powerless to stop himself from being turned around like a rag doll – helpless to stop his ass cheeks from being pried apart or the two fingers that were soon thrust deep into him. He clawed the cold stone walls desperately, trying to tell himself that the pain and slow pleasure was just something he would have to deal with.

In a few months, this will be all over, he told himself. I’ll find you, brother and kill you ten times over for the pain I’m going through for you!

Kabuto frowned as he noticed how unresponsive Sasuke had now become. He withdrew with a light snort as he noticed the impassive look in the younger man’s eyes. Somehow, this feeling was not one he wanted. He had hoped to make Sasuke scream in pain or perhaps to beg for forgiveness. These silent tears from stone cold eyes were certainly not want he had expected at all. His dislike for the cocky young shinobi was growing by the second and he had to fight the urge to punish Sasuke just for being this way.

But he belongs to Orochimaru…never you forget that.

“Hmph,” he finally retorted with a shrug as he rose to his feet and tugged impatiently on the chain, forcing Sasuke to rise to his feet. “One last inspection of your body by Orochimaru and then…”

And then…everything will finally come to an end. In a few months, preparations would be complete and the final transfer of bodies and souls would be complete. For now, however, he would continue to play the role of healer and spy.

It was the least he could do, to hopefully win his master’s eternal devotion.

~The End~

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