Pairing: Naruto/Konohamaru
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, graphic lemon

Restlessly I turn on my bed, my body burning with a heat that I know only he can satisfy. I am stripped to my waist, wearing only comfortable pjs that might as well be a second skin as they have now molded to my fevered flesh.

I sit up and stare at the silent moon outside my window. My mouth is dry, my tongue parched. I shiver and wrap my arms around my waist, my nipples as hard as rocks as I watch him grin at me. He always comes to me at this time, that feral and hungry look in wild reddened eyes that beckon me to him each and every time.

It’s almost a routine now. He returns from a mission and he seeks me out. His playmate. His little toy to satiate his lust until he has to leave again.

When had things become this way?

I have always looked up to him. Admired and loved him from afar. We were as close as brothers could possibly be when we were much younger. Seeing those impossible blue eyes smiling at me was enough to make my day back then. I enjoyed and cherished every waking moment in his presence. He was the only one who had recognized me as not just ‘The Hokage’s grandson’. He had taught me a rather useless skill but a skill nonetheless. I soaked up everything he said to me like a sponge. Eager to please and to learn all that I could from him.

His very essence was all I needed to verify my existence. To meet his approval was the only thing I could look forward to and it was only his that meant anything to me.

“Come to me, Konohamaru,” he calls and I am powerless to resist.

With trembling hands I open up the window and slip out as silently as I possibly can.

He holds out his hand and I can see the usual ‘claws’ of his fingernails now. He is extremely excited tonight and I know why. He has been without me for almost two weeks. The latest mission has kept us apart for that long and now we both know that our inherent lust would have to be satisfied soon.

He barely waits for me to steady myself, when he tugs me impatiently to lead the way to Kami knows where. I don’t care myself really. The sudden rush of flight as we leap from rooftop to rooftop and now through trees has my heart pounding with growing excitement and anticipation.

My nii-chan always took good care of me. I had no reason to fear anything.

He suddenly stops in the middle of a large clearing. I notice it is on the outskirts of the village and that there is a sharp drop off to an abyss from where we stand. I watch him carefully, my eyes drinking in the sight of his naked body in the moonlight.

Yes, he is nude. He always comes to me in that state. Wild and free with no cares in the world. His body practically burns with fire as I tentatively trail my fingers across his shoulders. He growls softly and I become bolder with my touches. I am becoming hungry with the need to be filled and he knows this only too well. I have been without him for so long and I need him to make me whole again.

He orders me to take off my pants and I do so. My cock stands to attention in the night air, the cool breeze brushing against the straining flesh as I watch him fall to his knees to take what is rightfully his. He sucks hard and rough. I almost fall to the ground as the combined sensations of pain and pleasure course through my body. I sink my fingers into blond locks that look even wilder and longer than normal. I have to steady myself or I am sure I really would fall.

The world swims before my eyes, everything seeming to lose focus as I lose myself to his masterful strokes. He licks me from base to tip, toys with my cum-slicked tip, fondles and pulls my balls none too gently. I whimper and beg, knowing that my orgasm is fast approaching.

He never warns me and the reaction is always the same.

I scream.

It’s a pain like none other. To feel those claws thrust through my hole and deep into my ass is enough to make me black out for several seconds. Relentlessly, he continues to probe. Deeper, harder and faster.

I know I am bound to come soon.

/Come for me, Konohamaru./

And I do.

He swallows hungrily as if feeding off my very essence. He wants it all and forces me to give to him as much as I possibly can.

I am spent and my legs can barely hold me at this point. I am trembling so badly that I can barely get myself to think. I beg him to release me but he refuses and grins at me again. His eyes are much redder now, his skin flushed with satisfaction. He pulls back and wipes his mouth with a hand, the other still buried deep within me. He smirks and I know what he’s up to. He lifts one of my legs and thrusts deeper to brush against something deep within me that has me gasping and unable to form coherent words or to even scream as I sag limply upon him. Even before I feel his mouth engulf my cock again, I know I have given him just what he wanted.

He really is a sadistic bastard when he wishes to be.

I must have passed out for when I open up my eyes, I see him prowling around restlessly.

/Awake now?/ He asks in pure sarcasm and I almost feel ashamed for being so weak. I try to move and wince as the rough earth scratches the skin of my back. Couldn’t he even place me on soft grass?

/Nii-chan. I am…sorry…/

He waves my apology away and stands above me. Dear gods, but he is a magnificent creature. Beautiful and yet beast-like before me, I can only cower in his presence – needing his final seal of approval.

Wantonly, I spread my legs and he smiles again. A smug one filled with knowledge, pleasure and satisfaction. He knows he has me right where he wants. Pleading and begging for that stick of flesh to pierce and take as much as it wanted from me.


I am practically whimpering in desperation. I am aching and throbbing all over.

/Take me now…please…/

He trails that long fingernail down my cheek and I suck in a harsh breath as I feel the sharp pain. The blood from the cut slips into my mouth and I part my lips ready to accept it only for him to seize them in a kiss that was nothing short of bruising.

He never did anything gently these days. We had given up on that long ago.

The combined taste of my blood and his mouth on mine has my cock rising again between us. I close my eyes and prepare myself for the assault. And yet no matter how many times I tell myself that I am ready for the pain, it never ceases to leave me breathless or to make me cry.

It is beyond compare and there are no words to tell you of just how amazing and yet mind-numbing it is.

He is huge and makes no apologies for it. Deeper and deeper he goes as if hoping to perhaps penetrate me to the point of no return. I can feel every inch of his flesh within my body and when he moves, I can only move along with him. I struggle to keep up with his frantic pace, knowing that he never cares if I come to completion at this point. He only cares about his satisfaction. He wants to drown me with his seed and I willingly go for the ride.

Like possibly madmen we soar higher and higher on this crest of pleasure and torture. Our cries of desire sound pagan and untamed in this sinful and wicked act that consumes our souls and make us go insane with the need for satiation.

I cling desperately to him, his magnificent flesh slick with sweat. My hair falls damply into my eyes and I throw my head back, my cries turning into harsh sobs as he moves me a little to gain access to that sensitive place within me again. That is enough to send me off the edge as with an ear-splitting scream I explode against him like I never have before. He growls in acceptance. I am sure he is a bit surprised that I was able to come this fast and before him too. Usually, he would be the first to reach his orgasm and leave me wanting more. But, not tonight. I have waited too long for his return.

“Nii…chan…” I whisper thickly. My voice filled with undeniable love and adoration for him. I dare not say the words however as I know he is prone to leave me then.

I never want him to leave me…ever.

He finally comes. Explosively, violently. With no mercy he practically pounds me to the earth and I can only hang on for dear life. He is punishing me for reaching my peak first, but I don’t care. As long as he is with me…these precious few moments with him this way is all I ask for.

His cry is not one of this earth. It’s a howl that sends chills of both fear and sick pleasure down my spine. I brace myself again and he sinks his fangs into the skin of my shoulder. Don’t worry, it’s not deep enough to make me bleed to death, but I do bleed and he laps it up hungrily…as usual.

He collapses in exhaustion upon me and like a newborn baby; I cradle him gently within my arms. I can feel and hear his heartbeat – both heartbeats – as we try to steady their rapid rhythm.

“I love you, nii-chan,” I whisper achingly. I know it’s a risk to say it, but I cannot keep it to myself any longer. I know he understands and knows I feel that way for him, but stubbornly he refuses to accept it. “I love you,” I plead again as I tighten my arms around him to keep him prisoner. “Stay with me…now…forever…”

He says nothing as I begin to sob softly. I already know my answer and I have come to accept it as our routine.

/Let me go, Konohamaru./

It is a command that I dare not refuse. I release him and turn my face away, curling into a ball of self-pity on the cold earth as I hear him scramble to his feet to make his get-a-away.

For how long I remain there I do not know, but the first crow of a rooster has me finally sitting up slowly to reach for my clothes.

It’s another new day in Konoha. Everyone goes about with a smile on their faces believing that all is right with the world. I am a chuunin now and will be sent on missions myself. I might end up being on a team in which he is my leader and like always I will have to admire him from afar during the day and become his plaything at night.

But it’s worth it, I tell myself with a small smile. For I know that deep within the beast that comes to me each time to satisfy his lust, is a man I have grown to love with every fiber of my being since the day we met.

I love you, Naruto nii-chan and nothing will ever change that…


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