Destinies: The First Time:


It was all well and good to invite Naruto over to his place for the night, Sasuke thought with growing concern as they approached his home, but truth be told, the shinobi had never actually done it with a guy before. No, he wasn’t a virgin by any means. He had long lost that to the lovely Nase-sama who lived on her own a few miles away from him. The pressure Sakura had begun to put on him to do the same ‘sex thing’ had finally sent him off the edge.


Or rather into the arms of the woman that had been lusting after him for years.


It was rather creepy when one thought about it.


But Nase-sama had been more than accommodating to his predicament. He hadn’t gone there crying or demanding she sleep with him, rather he had sulked throughout the walk in the cold rain, cursing himself over and over again for resorting to such a lowdown and degrading thing.


She had made him tea. She had massaged his shoulders. She had urged him to step out of his wet clothes and like a zombie he had done as he was told. Outwardly, he had given the appearance of one who was in control, but inside he was scared stiff. He had eyed his member with dismay, wondering why it hadn’t gone as hard as it had last night when he had thought of…


“Oh, my…it looks like we are going to have to get that up, aren’t we?”


How embarrassing had that been?


She had touched him then. He’d had to bite back a small squeal of shock at the feel of someone else’s cold hands touching him in such an intimate manner. He had only imagined one person’s hands on him…at least down there, but with a resolute scowl, he closed his eyes and imagined said person touching him. The cold touch melted away to slow warmth and for the first time all evening, Sasuke found himself relaxing with growing pleasure.


It felt good. Oh, so very good.


She had begun to croon dirty words to him and again it was someone else saying them in his mind. His face flushed with heat, he bucked and thrust against the warm and talented fingers. He wasn’t sure when she had taken him into her mouth, but before he could even open up his eyes to stare at her in shock, a rush of incredible warmth had flowed down to his engorged flesh.


He tried to warn her but it was too late.


He came. Hard, fast and very messily.


He had apologized profusely in even more humiliation and had thought of bolting out of the room, but she had pushed him back to the bed and begun to take off her clothes. Sasuke had seen a woman’s bosom before and had even touched one (Sakura’s) on more than one occasion, but hers were the biggest he had ever seen .


“You’ve got to touch me too, you know,” she moaned thickly as she placed his hands upon them. Still red-faced and embarrassed, Sasuke was too far-gone to back out now.


“Mmm…down there too, Sasuke-kun,” she moaned again.


Down there?! Was she kidding?!




It felt warm and slippery and just…


“Oh, yes! Just like that, Sasuke-kun! Just like that! Faster! Oh, you are not just a genius on the battlefield! You are so goooood!”


And despite his awkwardness, the ego boost caused a small smirk to come to his lips as he complied and did his best to send her over the edge. Which did happen in the space of three minutes.


He eyed his sticky fingers and was about to say something when he felt his member being nudged against the very place he had just touched. He swallowed tightly and tried to ask her to wait for him to get ready, but even that wasn’t allowed, as he felt it soon buried deep within an incredible sensation of heat and pressure.


Was that her scream or his? He couldn’t tell at this point. All that mattered was that he was beginning to feel something so amazing that words couldn’t even begin to describe it. He also noticed that a sudden surge of fire was threatening to burn him as they went faster and faster. It was going to explode and shatter him into tiny pieces in less than a second.


Pity his orgasm lasted just that long.


However, ever optimistic, Nase-sama gave him top marks for his performance and invited him over again. He had sworn to himself never to show up even if she made him walk on hot coals, but after one week of abstinence, Sasuke had found himself standing before her front door in the dead of night again.


Ah, the weakness of the human flesh.


Two weeks and several lessons later, the student had surpassed the teacher with flying colors. It was a very smug and confident Uchiha Sasuke that had sauntered out of Nase’s house on that cold, windy morning.


He was now ready to take on the world -


Now, if only Nase-sama had taken the time to show him just how one did the same thing to a guy…


“Sasuke?” came the tentative call that jarred his muddled thoughts.


“Hmm? What is it, Naruto?”


A finger pointed towards the door that had somehow appeared before them. “We’ve been standing here for a while now. Aren’t we going to go in?”


Flushing lightly in embarrassment, Sasuke gave a quick ‘Oh, yeah…sorry…’ before searching for the right keys to open up the door.


Despite his cool appearance, Naruto, who was still riding high on his knowledge that Sasuke liked him, was actually quaking with worry inside. Sasuke had never invited him to his house before…well there was that once time when he had gone to talk to him about Sakura, but that hadn’t exactly been an invitation. Naruto had barged in on his own much to Sasuke’s annoyance. But now, he was here…by invitation.


He eyed the other teen with faint concern. He had noticed how thick Sasuke’s voice had become when they had finished kissing each other. Maybe there was something else to this ‘it’ they were planning to do. Naruto didn’t have any idea as to what could possibly be better than doing the simple and intimate act of kissing, but he had the nagging feeling he was about to find out.


Question was…did he want to find out?




The shinobi, who had now managed to get the door open, raised a brow as he noticed the rather trembling tone in Naruto’s voice.


Oh, shit. He’s getting cold feet. I’m getting cold feet, but we both can’t back out now! I am still burning down there!


“What’s wrong, Naruto?” he asked in as gentle a voice as he could manage. He didn’t want to frighten his partner away.


The blond bit his lower lip and tried to find a way to word the question that had been gnawing away inside of him. He opened up his mouth to finally blurt his worries out, when his lips were sealed with the now familiar warmth of Sasuke’s lips. His lashes fluttered shut as he moaned softly and parted his lips to allow Sasuke’s tongue in.


Hmm…this was definitely better than the rushed one they had had on the cliff. This kiss was much slower and thorough. Naruto could feel Sasuke press his body against his, despite the broken arm, which was held at a rather awkward angle…




“Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t mean to press too hard,” came the gasped words of apology as Naruto tried to pull away, but he was pulled roughly back by Sasuke’s good hand.


“It’s okay…don’t stop now,” came the fevered whisper as Sasuke seized this

lips again in a much harder kiss.


They stumbled and staggered blindly into the house, neither paying much attention to where they were going as they continued to smother each other with rather hurried and sloppy kisses. With his left foot, Sasuke kicked his door shut and they were quickly enveloped in semi-darkness.


“Light…” Naruto mumbled thickly as he sucked on Sasuke’s lower lip. “Can’t…see…”


“Huh?” Thinking wasn’t exactly in the dark-haired shinobi’s mind now as he continued to drink the sweet nectar that was Naruto’s lips. The more Naruto opened his mouth, the more he took advantage to tease the boy’s hot length.


Sweet, Kami! If he didn’t get Naruto out of his clothes now, Sasuke wasn’t sure of what he was going to…


“Ouch! Damn it! My foot!”


Sasuke was shoved back a bit too roughly as Naruto leaned down to check the damage. He had hit his toes against something hard on the floor and he wasn’t even sure of what it was.


“I told you to turn on the light, Sasuke!”


With hands that trembled slightly, the genius did as he was told and winced as he noticed the box of weights he had forgotten to put back in the closet earlier. Mumbling his apologies, he tried his best to push it aside, inwardly cursing his injured arm and everything else possible. He noticed Naruto still eyeing his own injured toe and Sasuke wondered if attempting to kiss the blond again now was going to be possible. He was still aching below the waist and short of running to the bathroom to relieve himself, he would have to make do with standing here and looking at…


“So? Are we going to continue?” Naruto suddenly asked with a bright gleam in his eyes.


Heh. Who said it was hard to get the vivacious teen’s spirits down? It seemed as if the chuunin couldn’t get enough of this as well.


Not one to waste such a good opportunity, Sasuke moved closer to Naruto to whisper softly against the swollen lips before him. “Kiss me now, Naruto. Do whatever you want with me.”


Blue eyes widened at the request. Do whatever he wanted with Sasuke?! He swallowed tightly and eyed the full, moist lips he had been kissing all evening. They tasted good. Sasuke tasted like hot ramen on a hot summer’s afternoon and Naruto couldn’t get enough. His gaze fell to the dull throb in the hollow of the other’s neck. He swallowed again, trying to get moisture into his mouth as he allowed his gaze to move down to the slightly bronzed chest before him. Dark nipples stood proud and erect and Naruto could feel something else, quite erect and almost painful, swell within his pants. Was just looking at Sasuke doing this to him?


/Do whatever you want with me…/


He licked his lips and caught the low gasp from Sasuke as his fingers reached up to pinch…


“Easy, Naruto…” came the low hiss of barely concealed pain. “No!” he added quickly as the startled blond tried to withdraw. “No,” he cajoled softly with a small nod of encouragement. “Continue…continue what you were doing. Just don’t twist it so hard, okay?”


Naruto nodded almost shyly. “Oo…okay…”


Should we really be doing this? he thought wildly as his thumb and forefinger caressed the sensitive flesh gently. He listened to Sasuke’s harsh breathing, gaze lifting to catch the flushed look on the other boy’s face. Sasuke had his eyes closed, his lips parted and his fingers desperately trying not to rip the clothes right off his partner’s body at this very moment.






Sasuke opened his eyes to whisper his demand. “Suck on them…if you want.”


“But…but I thought…”


“It’s going to feel good. I promise,” was his plea as he tried to quell the wary look that had come into Naruto’s eyes. “Please, Naruto….make me feel good.”


The blond bit his lower lip and eyed the stiff nubs between his fingers before taking a deep breath and lowering them to it. Sasuke gave a sharp cry that nearly had Naruto falling to the floor in surprise. He had definitely never in his life seen the usually calm shinobi this flustered or vocal before. Even in battle, Sasuke never really cried out when he was injured, but just touching him like this was enough to make him sound so…




Naruto found a small smile tugging on his lips. Heh…it was good to see that Sasuke wasn’t such an emotionless robot after all. He, Uzumaki Naruto, was actually making the know-it-all squirm like this. This was great!


“Naruto…” came the plea again and needing no second bidding, his lips set to work on the sweet flesh. Sucking gently so as not to hurt Sasuke, he closed his eyes and allowed himself to savor the slightly tangy taste of his partner. He felt Sasuke’s hand within his hair and a slow nudge. At first, Naruto wasn’t sure if the other boy wanted him to stop.






“Go lower, Naruto,” Sasuke pleaded again as he began to move backwards until he was pressed against the wall more to steady his legs which were about to turn to jelly.


“Lower to where, Sasuke?” This was getting a bit too…


“Can you feel that?” Sasuke asked huskily as he reached for the blond’s hand to place it against the obvious bulge within his pants. Naruto gasped and tried to pull his hands away, his face reddening with embarrassment at how intimate that had felt. What the hell was Sasuke doing?! And why wasn’t he running away himself? He shouldn’t be here! They had only come here for an innocent kiss, but now things were getting so much hotter between them. Naruto felt like stripping out of his clothes or he was sure he would burn in them.


Sasuke moaned and arched into his hands and the kyuubi was mortified to find that he had absently been stroking the hard flesh all this time. His own pants had tightened to a point where he could barely take it anymore and just when he thought he would explode from the pressure, he felt Sasuke’s hand slip into them to grasp his thick flesh in one smooth move.


“Ah! Sas…Sasuke!” he gasped in shock and dull pleasure as he fell against the other boy, his knees becoming weak as he had to support himself against him. Oh, Kami! He could barely think as Sasuke’s hands went faster and faster. Up and down. Around the tip. He was already leaking so badly and he was bound to come at any minute.


“The…do…the same…to me…Naruto…” Sasuke said breathlessly against the blond’s lips, his eyes now darkening to a familiar hue of red as the passion between them began to mount by the second.


Too far gone to refuse, Naruto’s trembling fingers tugged the drawstring of the dark pants and finally wrapped themselves around the throbbing hot length that was Sasuke’s cock. The low cry of approval was like music to Naruto’s ears. He began to mimic Sasuke’s movements. Up, down, around the tip, toy with the slit, feel the hot, sticky thickness of his cum. And for one glorious minute, the thought of tasting Sasuke down there sent Naruto whimpering and thrusting even harder against Sasuke’s hand.


Faster and harder, they pumped each other to completion. The sounds of their low moans, growing higher by the minute filled the thick silence as they felt the dual sensations of impending orgasms approaching.


Naruto’s fingers dug into the flesh of Sasuke’s shoulders as he felt the indescribable rush of heat pool to his stomach and down to his cock.


“Aaah! Sasuke! I’m…I’m…it’s coming! Please stop! It’s coming!”


“No,” came the low moan of refusal as Sasuke’s body tensed up. “I’m coming too, Naruto…” was the only thing he could manage before exploding thickly within the blond’s trembling fingers. He felt his vision blinded and the world spin out of control in its wake. It had never felt this good with Nase-sama. And hearing Naruto’s echoing sound of completion had him trembling in delight as he felt the hot stickiness coat his fingers.




They fell to the ground in a heap, hands still trapped in each other’s pants as they tried hard to gather their scattered wits about them. They were both breathing hard as if they had run a marathon. A light sheen of sweat dusted their flushed skins as they caught each other’s gaze before bursting out into shy laughter. Sasuke withdrew his soiled fingers and slowly raised them to his lips. In careful and deliberate motions, he sucked each one clean, allowing Naruto to watch his cum disappear into that hot and talented mouth.


Ever ready to copy Sasuke’s actions, Naruto withdrew his own fingers and began to suck on them, smiling softly as he realized that Sasuke’s cum did taste as good as he had imagined it to be. A bit salty but otherwise good.


“Kiss me, Naruto,” Sasuke commanded again and for one brief instant Naruto wondered why the other boy kept demanding for things to be done to him. He wasn’t the boss around here.


But willingly enough, he leaned closer to claim his lips in another searing kiss, their tongues dueling for supremacy as they tasted each other’s essence within their mouths. Sasuke withdrew gently, leaving a silver trail of saliva between them. His eyes were now in their complete sharingan form and Naruto felt himself shiver in anticipation as he was pushed flat on his back on the cool floor.


“Do you want to feel even better, Naruto?” Sasuke asked in a voice that was so much deeper than his usual one.


There was a blink of surprise. There was something even better than this?


“Well? Do you?”


Naruto gave a weak nod. “Ye…yes.” Anything for you right about now, Sasuke, he thought wantonly as he watched the other lean back and away from him.


“You’ve got to help me take off your clothes then,” Sasuke said with a quick motion of his finger urging Naruto to sit up. The blond did so, hands shaking as he took off the constricting t-shirt to toss it aside. He blushed furiously, lowering his gaze as Sasuke’s intense ones had him feeling incredibly shy. He felt too pale compared to the husky darkness of Sasuke’s skin and shivering slightly, he tried to wrap his arms around himself.


“Stop…stop staring at me like that,” he whispered breathlessly as he absently lifted his hips to aid Sasuke in removing his pants. His erection greeted their gaze as it strained against the black cloth of his boxer shorts. Naruto gasped weakly as he felt Sasuke’s lips kiss the sensitive area behind his ear. The cool air hitting his throbbing cock had him whimpering in growing need.


“You…are…so…amazing, Naruto,” Sasuke crooned softly as his fingertips caressed Naruto’s cock again. Nase had been nice enough to show him how things were done with such sensitive skin and Sasuke was more than happy to show Naruto just how good he could make him feel. His lips continued their journey down the pale flesh, giving light kisses or grazing it with his teeth as his fingers continued their unabashed exploration of the blond’s nether regions.


Naruto arched off the floor, his eyes squeezing shut as he felt Sasuke’s hands go lower and lower until his balls were cupped and tugged a bit too roughly. He hissed sharply and tried to curl away from the touch, but Sasuke’s lips on his nipples had him crying out in pleasure. He barely registered that a finger had now begun to caress a very intimate part of him down there and it wasn’t until he felt something cool and yet warm pierce through that tight ring of muscle, did his eyes shoot open in shock and disbelief.


“Sas…Sasuke! What are you…mmmphfff!”


His scream of pain was sealed in another searing kiss as Sasuke’s finger buried itself deeper within him. Naruto thrashed wildly, willing the pain to go away. He must have heard the words ‘Relax’ but he wasn’t sure. This was too…too…dirty! Sasuke couldn’t be touching him down there like that! No one had the right to do something like that to him…




He bucked up sharply, eyes widening in amazement at the sharp sear of indescribable pleasure that coursed through his body as he felt Sasuke brush against something deep and extremely sensitive within him. The genius was relentless as he realized he had found his lover’s prostate and not ceasing his conquer of the blond’s lips, he continued to maul that oh-so sweet spot over and over again. Naruto’s body was practically shaking now as he dug his fingers into Sasuke’s shoulders. Tears of desire sprang to his eyes as he thrashed and bucked wildly into the probing fingers. He had never felt anything like this before. Sure he had touched himself down there every once in a while, but to have something like this so good within his body…it was incredible.


And he was about to come again.


“No…no…don’t…” he begged feverishly as his cock stiffened between their heaving torsos. “Please stop, Sas…Sasuke.”


The pressure was building like an unstoppable crescendo within him, Naruto shook his head from side to side, not sure he would be able to stop the avalanche this time around. Whatever magic Sasuke was doing to him was enough to make him want to…


“Aaaah? Wha…?”


His whines were silenced again by a hard and almost bruising kiss as Sasuke had withdrawn his fingers from its exploration. There was a fevered look in his eyes now and Naruto could only swallow tightly as he watched Sasuke tug down the black pants to reveal his own (very impressive) cock to his gaze.


Now what? Why was Sasuke…what was he planning to do now? Surely nothing could compare to the feeling he had just experienced now. There couldn’t possibly be anything better than having Sasuke’s fingers do that to him. Or was there?


“It’s going to hurt a little, Naruto,” came the low whisper. “But I promise it’s going to feel much better after a while.”


Wide and slightly wary blue eyes stared at the flushed face above them.


“What’s going to…?”


“Wait right here,” Sasuke interrupted suddenly as he stumbled to his feet and towards the bathroom. Naruto remained prone on the floor, his body still sticky and hot, his cock now aching with the need for release. How dare Sasuke leave him like this?! But he had to admit that this whole thing was very interesting and…




…amazing. He blushed again as he closed his eyes and waited for the other boy to return…or was Sasuke going to even return? What if the sadistic teen had decided to leave him like this? What if Sasuke wasn’t even…Sasuke?! What if…?!


The sound of the door opening had Naruto’s slightly panicked eyes darting towards the bathroom area. Sasuke was now completely naked and seeing that had his blush darkening as he tried to force his gaze away. But it was hypnotic and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the long shaft that seemed to be wrapped up with something now. Even as he approached, Naruto could see that Sasuke also looked nervous and that his breathing was even more harsher than necessary.


Falling to his knees beside Naruto and hardly giving him a chance to think – perhaps more to convince himself that he wasn’t actually terrified of doing the wrong thing – Sasuke kissed him again.


/It’s going to hurt a little…/


What was?


“Sasuke…” he tried to ask the question that was slowly burning in his mind, even though said shinobi was doing a fine job in trying to distract him from thinking much. Sasuke had begun to stroke his cock again and Naruto was melting away inside.


“Just…relax…” came the soft whisper against his ear. “It will be quick…I promise…”


What will? What was Sasuke planning to do now?!


“AAAAHHH!!” His fingers dug into the skin of Sasuke’s back, blue eyes wide with pain and discomfort as he felt the thick invasion pass through his prepared opening and slip slowly into his rectum.


No! No! This wasn’t right! This was too painful!


“Sas….” He couldn’t even get the words out. It felt as if he was being ripped apart as he felt the thick organ continue its descent deep into his tense body. He barely heard the fevered words of encouragement or pleas from Sasuke, who was urging him to relax. All he knew was that he was about to go insane with the agony of dealing with such a huge thing inside of his body.


The genius watched in growing worry at the tears that had begun to streak out of his lover’s eyes. Had he been too rough? Oh shit, he hoped he hadn’t gone in the wrong way or hurt Naruto too badly. Despite all his pleas for the boy to relax his tense muscles, Naruto was literally ripping the skin of his back as he tightened his inner walls even more. The sensation of being within the blond was like nothing he could have possibly imagined. He had thought being with Nase was heaven, but with Naruto…there was simply nothing to compare it to.


He felt a surge of chakra surround them and he widened his eyes in shock as he noticed that Naruto was struggling not to give in to the urge to push him away. Of course it was the boy’s instinct to lash out at anyone that tried to hurt him, but it was as if he had realized that Sasuke had no intentions of doing so.


Just for a little while. In a little while it will be all over, Naruto continued to chant to himself as he forced himself to be more receptive. Ten more times of chanting this in his head had him finally opening up his eyes to peer into the worried ones above him.


“Naruto?” came the husky and tentative question.


A soft nod was given in answer, still unsure if he could even find the words to convey that he was ready now. He settled for giving a small thrust upwards and to wrap his arms tightly around his partner’s neck. He was ready now, his body seemed to say. Just get it over and done with.


He felt Sasuke move within him again and he struggled hard not to fight against it. Forcing himself to breathe evenly, he tried to make himself get used to the slow thrusts that were somehow beginning to pick up in pace. He could feel Sasuke’s body trembling with each push, the sweat rolling off his back and causing his fingers to slip once or twice as he latched on tightly to the teen for dear life.


Then it began. Just as suddenly as the pain had come, the dull hum of pleasure began its slow ascent into his consciousness. He could hear Sasuke’s fevered but unintelligible words against his ear, could feel his inner muscles relax and comply with the increased thrusts. His legs tightened around the lithe waist and he threw back his head, eyes still closed as he slowly gave in to the increased sensation of being filled.


Whimpers turned to groans. Groans became small cries. Heat, thick and palpable surrounded them like a shield as their bodies moved faster and faster. Sasuke placed a hand beneath Naruto’s knee and lifted the slender leg a bit higher. And just like that, his prostate was touched again and the world went white.


He wasn’t sure if he was the one screaming or if that was Sasuke, but Naruto was sure it was his voice pleading and begging for him to go deeper and harder and to go much more faster. The pain he had thought he would never recover from had faded into nothing as all that filled his mind now was the mind-blowing sensation of Sasuke drilling into him mercilessly. His cock was squeezed and Naruto knew he could hold back no longer.


“Com…coming…coming, Sasuke!” He bellowed out in pure ecstasy as searing heat raced down his spine and down to his jutting flesh. With another loud cry he exploded hard and thick into his lover’s hands. His entire body arched and stiffened from the intensity of it. Tears of happy satiation filled his eyes, his vision long gone as he collapsed back to the ground in a satisfied heap. He barely registered Sasuke’s accompanying cry of delight as his own orgasm ripped through his slender body causing him to thrust harder and deeper than he had before. He filled the protective layer around his cock with his cum, groaning thickly as he felt his entire body turn to putty in mere seconds. Heaving and gasping for air, Sasuke collapsed upon Naruto, his eyes opening slowly as he tried to focus his glazed gaze around the spinning room.


Yes, this was what heaven felt like, he deduced with a rare pleased smile on his face. This was the moment he had been waiting for all his life and only one person had been able to give it to him.


Closing his eyes, he placed tender kisses along the smooth flesh of Naruto’s chest. Perhaps he could finally tell Naruto how he really felt. There really was no shame in admitting his true feelings for the other boy now, was there?


“Naruto,” he began softly, as he felt his cheeks grow hot with the enormity of what he was about to do. He couldn’t even bear to look at him in the face for fear he would see that look of either confusion or disgust on his features. “Naruto…I think I…I think I…IthinkIloveyou.”


There he had said it. So, now it was left for Naruto to refute him or not. When nothing was said after a long minute, Sasuke, now feeling embarrassed at the silence, lifted his head slowly to see just why he had gotten no response to his confession.


“Naruto? Did you…?”


He blinked in disbelief at the closed eyes and wide-opened mouth that had light drool spilling out of it. He couldn’t believe it! He had confessed his feelings only to find out that Naruto had fallen asleep on him!


He wasn’t sure if he ought to feel angry or relieved at the thought, but he settled for a warm smile instead. He withdrew – with a wince – from the comfort of Naruto’s body to discard the used protection. And reaching for a blanket off his bed to throw over their naked forms, he stared at the peaceful repose of his teammate for a long while. His fingers traced over the smooth planes and telltale ‘whiskers’ on his cheeks with a fondness that would have surprised anyone.


He didn’t know if Naruto would want to do this again with him, but there was no harm in daydreaming about it, was there? Even if the blond denied him the right to touch his body again, Sasuke knew he could take comfort in the knowledge that he had been the first to claim Naruto as his.


Would he ever have the guts to tell Naruto his true feelings to his face? Sasuke doubted that as well. As fate had kept them together for this long, it was only natural that fate would give him plenty of other opportunities to tell Naruto…someday.


But for now, as he yawned and snuggled closer to the snoring teen, he would enjoy this moment and every other one that came his way, with the young man he had loved from the moment destiny had thrown them together.