Chapter Six:


It smelled fear and it fed off it with delightful glee. Through the boy’s innocent blue gaze, it watched the Uchiha genius cower before him just like its’ rival, Shukaku, had done. It was a bit disappointed that the sand monster had not put up too much of a fight. He would have loved nothing more than to display his newfound strength to the cowardly beast.


The red-haired boy moaned softly and it growled in response. Warily, it glanced at the one named Gaara who had been so willing to come to him. Despite all it had done, it was surprised that the boy was still able to move. It frowned and made a move to reach him, but withdrew quickly as the sharp glint of a kunai flashed before his eyes as it buried itself into the wall behind him. Growling again, it turned its’ borrowed eyes towards the heaving shinobi in the middle of the room, a rueful smile crossing its youthful visage.


“What’s the matter, Uchiha Sasuke?” it asked softly. “Are you so jealous that you wish to be in this boy’s position?”


Sasuke eyes narrowed in wariness as he watched the conflicting emotions cross his friend’s face. It clearly wasn’t Naruto speaking any more. The low and almost guttural slur of his words was more than enough to tell the genius chuunin that something was amiss.


/It has taken me…/


Taken you, huh? He thought with a light frown as he continued to glare at the kyubi. I’ll make him spit you back out, Naruto even if it kills me.


“What’s the matter, Uchiha Sasuke? Do you not want to kill me after all?”


Killing it would only kill Naruto, Sasuke deduced quickly and it was clear that the kyubi had been ready to state the obvious as well. Grrr, there had to be another way to get the damn fox to get back to its subdued state and for that to occur, Sasuke knew he would at least have to get Naruto to cooperate with him.




Gaara moaned again – this time a bit louder as if in pain. A trembling hand reached for his forehead, dark-rimmed eyes opening slowly as they tried to get some sense of orientation. The last thing he remembered was bringing in some food for the blond visitor from the Leaf and then…and then what?


/Harder. Make me feel…pain./


His eyes widened in shock as the memories came rushing back in a flood. He remembered it now. The soothing tones of seduction, the forced entry, the agonizing pain…


Such pleasure.


…and his cries of helplessness. But he hadn’t been the only one crying, he remembered that part clearly too. The blond had had tears in his eyes as well as he had been taken over and over again. Had he relished in the anguish in Naruto’s eyes? Had he forced himself to ignore the pain that wracked through his body with each thrust just to achieve the pleasure he had been promised?


He wrapped his arms around his naked form and turned slightly, dull green eyes finally noticing the heavy presence of the other boy in the room. Gaara’s eyes narrowed in wariness and distrust as he noticed the look in Sasuke’s eyes – determination and that underlying feeling of some emotion he couldn’t quite place a finger on. What kind of a relationship did this two have? What was this palpable tension that he felt as he watched the two rivals square off? He winced and placed a hand upon the tattoo on his forehead, his head pounding fiercely with that familiar green monster that could only be jealousy. This Sasuke…Uchiha Sasuke was planning to take his Naruto away from him and he wouldn’t let that happen. Not even if it killed him!


With a low growl, he flung his body across Naruto’s, his arms wrapping tightly around the slender waist as he turned blazing green depths to the surprised chuunin in the middle of the room.


“Do not come any closer, Uchiha Sasuke,” he said coldly, “Or I will not hesitate to kill you.”


The kyubi was the more surprised of the two at the sudden action the red-haired boy had taken. This was certainly a development it had not foreseen. It had thought that taking the vessel for Shukaku would have destroyed his spirit completely, but apparently the young fool had been taken in by something else entirely.


It just wasn’t sure what it was.


But for now, it would take solace in the fact that it had managed to control the red-haired boy to the point of he opposing the genius chuunin. It wrapped Naruto’s arm around the boy’s waist, pulling him tighter against his body as he began a slow caress of the boy’s rear.


“You are precious to me, my dear one,” it moaned thickly, its borrowed hands moving down the trembling boy’s back to the cleft between his ass cheeks. It smirked over Gaara’s head, catching Sasuke’s widening and shocked depths as he thrust roughly into the red-haired boy again. It swallowed Gaara’s sharp cry in a searing kiss, its borrowed taunting blue eyes laughing silently at the red-faced shinobi before them.


Sasuke could not tear his eyes from the sight before him. He watched, with a sickening lurch in his stomach as Naruto…


No! No! It’s not Naruto!!


…continued to ‘play’ with Gaara in a manner that was shamefully causing him to feel a slow heat course through his body. His gaze strayed to the writhing Sand Nin on Naruto’s lap. Each groan or low cry of pleasure from Gaara was like a low fuse being lit in his mind. He forced himself to close his eyes, forced himself to resist the urge to throw his kunai into that pale expanse of flesh that seemed to glow in the gloom. And taking a deep breath, he opened them up again to place his fingertips together in the beginnings of a seal.


He would dare to risk it as hell would freeze over before he allowed this to continue any further.


“Gaara,” he began in a voice that was nothing short of menacing as a red glow of chakra began to form around his being. “Get away from him now, or I will burn you alive as well.”






Sakura sat up with a small cry. Her skin drenched with sweat as she realized that she was clutching the sheets of her futon with a death-like grip. The sudden chill of the night air caused her to shiver a bit more, suddenly remembering that she was in the Sand village where their nights were as cold as the days were hot. She brushed away a damp strand of hair from her eyes and bit her lower lip in worry.


Her dream. It had been so incredibly vivid.


She had seen the three boys…




…in the middle of a clearing, each with weapons in hand ready to go at it with pure murder written in their gazes. There had been something in the middle – something small, but golden and almost hypnotic as she had drawn closer to them. They were apparently fighting over this…thing and as she reached out to pick it up, it leapt into the air and seemed to vanish out of sight.


Why take what does not belong to you? A voice, which sounded mocking and amused, said to her. Let sleeping dogs lie and monsters take their place for power. You will only be in the way, Haruno Sakura.


“Who…who are you?” She tried desperately to see through the wicked glare of the light that surrounded the speaker, but to her chagrin she could not make out who or what it was. The voice did sound familiar though.


Who I am is of no importance, he continued quietly. Just remember to stay away from things that are of no concern to you…


“Tell me! Who are you?!”


A blood-curdling scream cut through her cries as she turned horrified green depths upon the scene before her. The boys…




…had been killed…but only one stood in the middle – drenched in blood, a kunai in his hand and a gleam of satisfaction in his wild gaze. He licked his lips and lifted his head to grin coldly at her.


“Sakura…” he hissed in satisfaction. “It’s your turn now.”


No…no…not you…please…not you, she begged. But as she spun around to run, she realized that it would be too late. He was too fast. He had always been too fast. She didn’t need to turn around to know that he had already caught up to her. She could feel the cool steel of the kunai against her neck and another sear its way through her stomach from behind. It was her agonizing cry that had woken her up in a cold sweat.


It was that bracelet. It had to be. She had noticed Sasuke hiding something from her on that night in the clearing and try as hard as she might, he had refused to show it to her. Whatever that jewelry was, it had clearly done something to Sasuke and it was going to do the same thing to the other two if they ever got their hands upon it. She had to tell Kakashi-sensei about this before it became too late!


She dressed up quickly and slipped out of the room as silently as she could. Stopping before Sasuke’s door, she wasn’t a bit surprised to find that the room was empty. She didn’t have to go in to be sure of it. Cursing softly, she leapt onto the rooftop only to stifle a small scream as she came face-to-face with the Sound Nin they had rescued.


“Sakura-chan,” he greeted with a warm smile as he placed his hands upon her shoulders to prevent her from falling. “What brings you up here this evening?”


She shrugged off his touch and stepped backwards, a hand shifting towards her kunai as her eyes narrowed in wariness and distrust. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that question? I don’t trust you at all, Kikaida.”


The teen looked hurt as he placed a hand upon his chest. “I like sleeping on the rooftops, Sakura. It gives me a clear piece of mind and many…” He smiled knowingly. “Dreamless nights.”


She gasped softly, her eyes widening in dawning understanding. “It was you,” she said slowly. “It was you! You were the one in my dream telling me…”


She stopped as she noticed his look of confusion. Growling softly, she stomped her foot in frustration. “Don’t try to deny it! I know what you did! You came into my dreams, didn’t you? You’re one of those…Dream Weavers, aren’t you?!”


“Dream…weavers?” He looked as if he was going to cry but to Sakura’s chagrin, he burst out into hearty laughter, placing hands upon his stomach as he struggled to control himself. “No, no, Sakura-chan. I am no Dream Weaver.” He shook his head and sobered up quickly. “I know you have seen something you shouldn’t have, but for your safety, it’s best that you stay away…”


“Not if it’s going to hurt Sasuke….and Naruto!” she added quickly. “I’ll fight to the end even if it kills me!”


Kikaida stared at her as if she had gone crazy before frowning in displeasure. “You are only going to get yourself killed, Sakura. Why bother…?”


She smiled coldly. “I may look like a helpless female to you, but I can fight and hold my own. And if there’s anything I’ve learned from my teammates, it’s that you never leave them to die. I have to protect them – with my life if need be!”


“You love the Uchiha boy, do you not?” he suddenly asked quietly, ignoring the dull shade of red that filled her cheeks.


Sakura bit her lower lip and lowered her gaze. Yes, she loved him…but he loved another and the pain that seared through her heart was one that could and would never heal.


“It doesn’t matter,” she muttered thickly. “My feelings for him will not interfere with my need to save him. I will give up my life for him…”


“He will not do the same for you.”


She hissed in a harsh breath and struggled not to give in to the tears that threatened to spill out of her shattered heart. “That…that is cruel,” she whispered. “You…”


“I tell the truth, do I not?”


“That is cruel!” she bellowed. “Sasuke…”


“…will be consumed by the blond’s soul and you’ll be left out of the cold,” Kikaida continued relentlessly. “Unless…”


The girl lifted her head, eyes wide in anticipation. “Unless? Unless what?!”


The boy smiled although it did not reach his eyes. “Unless you get what it is that they all crave.”


She waited patiently even though her heart was beginning to pound faster and harder than before. She felt her fingers tremble around her weapon and the growing dryness in her mouth.


“What…what do I have to do?” she asked thickly as she watched the boy approach her with that small smile or smirk - she couldn’t be sure - on his lips.


Kikaida leaned closer until mere inches separated his lips from her ear. He watched her shiver in reaction and he smiled softly in satisfaction.


“Bring me the bracelet, Sakura-chan and I will make Sasuke yours…completely.”






“Katon Ruuka no Jutsu!!”


But even as he formed the balls of fire, Sasuke knew he was fighting a losing battle. He watched as the familiar shield of sand enveloped the two boys on the bed, causing his fireballs to bounce off like mere fireflies.


Damn it! When would Naruto wake up to realize what was going on?! He couldn’t possibly be enjoying doing this to Gaara, could he? Was his subconscious so far gone that he had even allowed the kyubi to take over that completely?


“Kuso! I’ll get you out of there even if it means…” He hadn’t realized that the sudden surge of energy within his left palm was the beginnings of his chidori taking effect. But using this would drain him of chakra as well as hurt the one person he didn’t want to.


“Kuso…Kuso…Kuso!!!!” He screamed in frustration. “Naruto!!! Wake up, you fool!!”


There was a sudden crack in the shield and the genius chuunin held his breath in eagerness, hope and near desperation.


What…what’s going on in there? He thought with mild panic as the ball seemed to tremble for a moment. The crack grew wider, creating a haphazard line that seemed to want to curl around the sphere.




It was low at first, but the familiar anguished cry of his teammate was like sweet music to his ears.


Fight it, Naruto, he begged fervently as he began to feel the first stirrings of the pain that usually shot through his arm whenever he dared to try this particular jutsu. He wasn’t sure of how much longer he could hold on to this, but for the boy he loved, he was willing to do anything.




They had both heard the shinobi’s tormented cry of desperation. Their eyes had widened at the same time. The raw emotion in Sasuke’s voice had sent a palpable chill between them. Gaara shifted slightly, pale green depths watching the conflicting expressions on his lover’s face.


He tried to reach for Naruto but the boy cringed away from him with a small cry. He watched in growing worry as the blond placed trembling hands upon his head and began to shake it back and forth as if trying to get rid of something from his mind.


/Why continue to fight, Naruto? I am a part of you and you are going to have to deal with it…/


/You were sealed within me, you stupid fox! And you obey no one else but me! Got it?!/


/Haha! As long as I have this with me, you cannot control me any longer…wha…what?!/


Naruto’s lips curled into a sneer as placed the tips of his fingers together. /I didn’t study under pervy sennin all this time for nothing, stupid. I think I learned one or two things from him!/


Inwardly, he knew it was only going to be temporary, but if he could manage to seal the fox back for a little while, then he could find out what the problem was and get rid of it once and for all. The kyubi recognized the familiar placement of the boy’s fingers and for the first time in a long time, it could feel a genuine sense of uneasiness. It hadn’t known that the boy was capable of performing such a jutsu. He couldn’t perform it! It was a bluff! It had to be a bluff! But then again, the determination and grit in Naruto’s look was enough to tell him that things were beginning to look dire for it. It would have to do more to get the young boy back to its side.


/No! Don’t, Naruto!/ It cajoled almost desperately. / Do you not want the feeling of power?! Do you not want to have them at your beck and call? Do you not wish for them to love you?!/


Naruto hissed in disgust. /You think they’ll like me like this?! You really don’t know anything, do you? If I want them to like me, I’m going to have to work at it…on my own! Got that?/


And closing his eyes, he began to chant softly, his hands moving quickly with each word he uttered.


/Ram, Serpent, Horse, Boar, Hare, Dog, Bird, Rat. Ram, Serpent, Horse, Boar, Hare, Dog…/


Frantically, the kyubi tried one last time. /He’ll…he’ll leave you, Naruto! Do you not know that?! He’s only going to use you! They are both going to use you! I can help you! Give you the strength you need…!/


/Ram! Serpent! Horse! Boar! Hare! Dog! Bird! Rat! Remain sealed you stupid fox!! Shisou Fuuin!/


Gaara was thrown off Naruto’s lap as he watched the boy place a hand against his torso with a loud cry that seemed to bounce off the walls with its intensity. His shield crumpled to nothing as he fell to the floor with a light grunt. He barely registered the strong arms that had helped to lessen the fall for him. All he could see before him was the blinding brilliance that was Uzumaki Naruto.


This boy…this boy is…


“Strong…” he whispered thickly, ignoring the sharp intake of breath from the boy above him. “Uzumaki Naruto…will be…mine…what?”


He winced as he found himself dropped rather unceremoniously to the floor. Reaching around to rub his aching rear, he glared at the scowling teen above him. Their eyes met in a silent battle of wills as they regarded each other coldly.


With a light snort, Gaara smirked as he raised a knee to place his chin upon it hardly caring that he did not have a stitch of clothing on. “Jealous, Uchiha Sasuke? Jealous that he has taken me and not you?”


The genius grit his teeth and sank his hands into the pockets of his pants. “I hardly think allowing some fox to fuck you qualifies as anything, you idiot. That wasn’t Naruto and you know it…”


“But it was his flesh,” came the low response as the red-haired boy snickered. “His flesh on mine…his hands on my body…within me…hard…hot…”


In a flash, both boys had their kunai against each other’s throat, their breathing harsh as the tension between them grew with each passing second. Sasuke’s eyes were a blazing red, the fury at knowing that this…this thing had been touched by his Naruto was enough to want to make him kill.


“Guys?” came the soft call that had both boys turning around quickly to stare at the blushing blond standing beside the bed with the blanket wrapped around his body like a shield. “Can…I mean…” His gaze flickered to the naked Gaara and his cheeks flared with even more color. He lowered his head quickly and mumbled thickly. “I need to wash myself,” he finished weakly.


“I’ll take you!”


Both boys growled and eyed each other warily.


“I’ll take him,” Sasuke began in a deceptively calm voice. “He’s my teammate so it’s only right that I do it.”


“Ah, but you are not from the Sand, so you wouldn’t know where the watering hole is,” Gaara retorted with a small smile as he rose to his feet to make his way towards Naruto. But an obviously angry Sasuke blocked his path just as quickly.


“Haven’t you done enough damage for one night?” He asked in irritation. “Why don’t you just leave us alone.”


Gaara shook his head and tried to push Sasuke to the side, while Naruto watched the proceedings with growing confusion and yet embarrassment. He rubbed a hand across his forehead and tried to make sense of just what had happened in the last hour or so. He eyed the bloodstains on the bed. There had been blood on his thighs too. His back still smarted from scratches – the red welts were an obvious sign – and the area between his legs…


Shit! Just what had he done with the badger?? All of that had been a dream…right? He hadn’t actually…?




He turned sharply at the whisper, eyes widening as he noticed Kakashi staring at him through the window in an upside down position.




“Shssh! Come with me. You can leave the other two to keep arguing.” He motioned for him to lean out of the window with a curt nod. Naruto worried his lower lip and turned around to glance at the two shinobi still bickering with a soft sigh. He had done something with the badger – something that he was sure that had hurt Sasuke’s feelings.


Sasuke…I’m so sorry…


And turning away quickly, he allowed Kakashi to take him out and away from the two boys that were only doing more to shake up his tumultuous heart.







Sakura stood as still as death within the shadows, her eyes narrowed in caution as she regarded the guards she had easily taken down. Within the room, just a few steps out of reach, was the object she sought.


Upon the table in Temari’s room, it sat there – innocent and plain – but yet with a power that could destroy the greatest of men. She watched it glow dully and she swallowed tightly. Getting past the guards was easy enough, but getting through the fan-wielding shinobi was going to be a whole different matter altogether.


/I will help you. Just take this and it will make you invisible…but only for a few minutes, Sakura. I managed to swipe this from my master’s array of medicines and it should work for you. But remember, you have only less than five minutes to retrieve the bracelet and to bring it to me. Understand?/


She understood alright, but was beginning to think that this whole thing was just a silly joke being played on her. The pill’s side effect was the amount of chakra that was bound to be lost in the space of five minutes. Any longer than that…and she would die.


Why am I doing this? Just to get Sasuke to fall in love with me? How stupid is that? He doesn’t feel that way for me and never will. What makes me think that this boy will be able to help me out? I don’t even know him that well…and just who was his master?


He was from the village of Sound and if her deductions were correct, he had been under Orochimaru’s rule. The same man who had cursed Sasuke and had almost destroyed their village at one time. She clenched her fists and growled softly.


She was a fool. She had only been a fool to believe that Kikaida could be trustworthy. All she had to do was turn around and let fate decide. She wasn’t going to interfere with Sasuke’s feelings or emotions.


“Oh, but you will, Sakura my dear,” came the husky voice beside her ear as she felt the cold steel of the kunai against her throat. “Now why don’t you swallow the pill like a good girl and get the bracelet for me, hmm?”




She tried to move, but his hold around her neck tightened and she winced as she felt the sharp tip of the dagger pierce through her skin. A thin trail of blood flowed down her pale neck and she shuddered in growing fear. She could feel her hand being raised to her lips and she struggled with everything she had not to swallow it.


Someone… she thought desperately as she felt the bitter tang of the tablet upon her tongue. Someone…help me…please!!







They stood upon the rooftop and eyed their environs, both being careful not to be too close to the other.


“Your teacher must have taken him away,” Gaara concluded with a light shrug as he sat down on the ground with a weary yawn. He had had a long night after all and the first few rays of sunlight from the horizon were about to signal a new day. “You really are slower than you think, Uchiha.”


Sasuke stole a quick but cold glance at the still naked boy. He opened up his mouth to give a quick insult but decided it was not worth his time. “I’ll go ahead and look. For the meantime, try and find some clothes for crying out loud.”


The red-haired boy smirked and eyed the taller boy with faint interest. “Do I not look good enough for you, Uchiha? Or perhaps you really do want me but are too afraid to act on your emotions.”


Sasuke was embarrassed to find himself blushing at Gaara’s words and he had to fight the urge to smash his fist into the mocking face below him.


“Shut up, you fool. I’ll never be as easy as you,” he replied coldly as he spun around to leap away.


He really had no idea where Kakashi and Naruto might have gone to, but he would look all the same. They couldn’t have gone far, he thought with a small nod.


Unfortunately for him though, all he could see, smell and still feel were the images of Gaara and the blond shinobi almost…having sex before him.


And the knowledge that they had both done it already.


He shook his head rapidly, almost losing his balance as remembered the darkened look that had come into Naruto’s blue eyes. He shivered at the thought of having those same eyes trained on him and only him. He moaned softly at the thought of having those hands that had caressed Gaara’s flesh so expertly, on his own body.


He had to stop and lean against a wall as the sudden image of Naruto’s fingers delving in and out of Gaara made him feel weak in the knees. His breathing grew harsher as his thoughts grew more erratic.


Naruto and Gaara. They had both looked so good back then – so sinfully good. And even though it hurt to know that he hadn’t been with them – no, with Naruto – their wanton dance of lust was all it had taken to awaken his dormant desires to life.


With a low groan, he sank to his knees and clumsily fondled with his pants. And away from prying eyes and much to his shame, he satisfied himself…feeling so very much alone.