Pairing: Itachi/Naruto
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, Lemon, Smut

From the moment our eyes met on that fateful day, five years ago, I knew that there was something different about him. Of course, I had heard about the infamous Uchiha Itachi, the murderer of his entire clan – well besides leaving his brother behind – and his reputation for being ruthless and cold-hearted. I just hadn’t expected him to come looking for me.

His eyes.

I still remember the coldness in them, the way they had seemed to pierce right through my soul – the way those lips had quirked into a small smirk of satisfaction as if he had finally hit the jackpot. I was that jackpot and I was terrified of what awaited me.

He was just like Sasuke – only taller and much more unapproachable. He was a cold-hearted killer and I would have to remember that.

But he hadn’t wanted me as a person. Oh not at all. He had wanted the beast within me and somehow…that thought had hurt more than anything else in the world.

Was that all I was good for? Just a vessel to be emptied and then discarded when I was no longer needed?

Of course, I was. I mean what else was I really good for?

But it’s been a long five years and during that time I have done a lot of growing up – both physically and mentally. Jiraiya – or pervy sennin – had once said that I was just like the Fourth Hokage in looks and mannerisms (at least my stubbornness) and I would have to agree with him. I have allowed my hair to grow out a bit more and I am happy to say that I have grown a few inches taller as well. Of course, I still have my ‘whiskers’ but it still doesn’t stop most old timers from gasping in surprise whenever they see me from behind. I guess I should be happy that many compare me to one of the greatest shinobi alive – but my greatest happiness will come when I finally attain that level and become the Hokage.

Sasuke has gone out with Lee and Neji for some obscure mission I do not know of. I wonder why Tsunade-sama had not chosen me but I don’t mind really. I’m still trying to heal from the wounds from my last mission.

I rise to my feet and stretch aching muscles. I have been standing watch from the towers in place of Chouji, who had gone to get himself a snack to eat. However, I can see him approaching and I know that my time is up. He’s looking good himself these days – a bit taller but still chubby all around. We talk for a while and he offers me some rice cakes, which I tuck away within my pouch. I have a feeling that I am going to need it soon.

It’s a beautiful day – one of those days when everything and everyone seems to have a glow of happiness around them. Perhaps, I’ll visit Iruka-sensei today and see how he’s doing with his new family. He has a little son now and to my chagrin and mild embarrassment he had asked me to be the boy’s godfather. I had honestly thought he would have asked Kakashi sensei to take the role, but I guess not.

Somehow, I find myself wandering into the forest, my feet barely making a sound on the hard earth as I whistle softly to myself. Naturally, I had to be on guard at all times, but today felt too good to be concerned over such things.

I hear the familiar sound of rushing water and I find myself running with a loud whoop of delight! No one is around and I can swim for as long as I want. I might even catch some fish and help myself to an early lunch.

And so peeling away my clothes as I approach the clear blue waters of the river, I dive into the waters with a final toss of my headband towards shore.

Ah! Pure bliss! Konoha really is blessed with a lot of beautiful things and I am grateful that I am a member of such a village.

However…it’s fishing time!

Taking a lungful of air, I dive back beneath the waters and seek out my prey. Several large fish swim by and chasing after them as quickly as I can, I manage to find two good ones for consumption. I grin in delight and tread back to shore, shaking my head vigorously to get the water out.

“Looking good, Naruto,” comes the lazy drawl that has me almost dropping my precious meal to the ground in shock.

Sitting on a rock beside the stream, dressed in that rather annoying black cape or robe of his, is the very person who has been haunting my dreams for the past few weeks. We had heard of his arrival and my mission had been to hunt him down and to apprehend him. I was still suffering from a mild ache in my left rib even though most of the bleeding wounds had disappeared the very same day.

I grit my teeth and try to catch a glimpse of my clothes. And as luck would have it, he’s sitting right beside them. He knows he has me there and he’s looking so damn smug about it.

“” I bite out coldly. I am aware that I am still completely naked, but that is the least of my worries at the moment.

He eyes me from head to toe and I swear that my cheeks are beginning to grow hot with embarrassment. Why, oh dear god, why am I still naked? I have completely let my guard down and now he’s going to…

“I followed you.”

I blinked. “Wha…?”

He remains painfully deadpan, although something seems to flash behind those red eyes of his. I shiver in response and…something else does too.


“Why do you chase me after all these years?” he asks softly as if musing more to himself. “I have stopped coming after you. Why do you still come after me?”

“What…what are you talking about?” My heart is beginning to pound much faster now.

“You were the one who offered to come look for me, Naruto,” he replies with a small smile that doesn't quite reach his eyes. “You told Tsunade that you would find me and turn me in, correct?”

“I don’t know…”

“I had assumed that my brother was the only one with an obsession to best me, but you…?”

I shake my head rapidly and try to defend myself. “You’re a wanted criminal and you wanted to kill me! Didn’t you?!”

“But that was five years ago,” he finishes flatly. “Why do you still want me?”

Yes…just why did I still want him? He was right in saying that I had wanted the mission. Sasuke had tried to talk me out of it, but I had been adamant. He had said it would be worthless cause and that besides, his brother was no longer in the organization, but I didn’t care. I wanted to bring Itachi to his knees – to make him beg – to make him suffer for putting me through five years of mental anguish.

In short, he fascinated me - in ways I am beginning to despise myself over.

“You…you…you know why…” I finally mutter tightly.

He smirks. “Did you think I was serious?”

I feel as if a part of my heart is being ripped out. “Of course not! I just wanted…oh!”

He had moved. I hadn’t even realized he had moved that fast – but of course, I should have expected it. And now here he is, inches before me, his very presence seeming to suck the air around me as I struggle to breathe. I am taller now – but he is taller still. His hand reaches out to caress my nape and I give an unwilling moan of pleasure. His other hand slaps away the fish I had still been holding and I give a small whimper of loss before wincing in mild pain as he sinks his fingers into my hair to tug me closer to him.

“Ita…chi…” I breathe against his full lips, my traitorous body quivering, trembling with a need that I thought I could only have for his younger brother.

“Naruto…” he whispers back thickly. He traces my parted lips with his tongue and I find myself clutching desperately to his robes as my knees have begun to give way.

“No,” I beg softly. “No…please…”

“I said I would come back to take you away someday, didn’t I, Naruto?” he says as he continues to speak within my mouth. Oh, sweet Kami, but he tastes like…

“That is why you hunt me, isn’t it, Naruto?” He trails a hand down my spine and I am literally arched into his body. My arousal rubs roughly against his robe and I can feel the tears of helplessness fill my eyes as I struggle not to give in to his actions.


I cannot help my scream of surprise and then pain as he slides a lean finger into my ass.

“Itachi…Itachi…” I whimper. “Oh dear god…”

He smiles smugly against my lips and I can only stare helplessly into that beautiful face of his.

“Say it, Naruto…”

“No…” I beg breathlessly. It is too shameful – this lust I feel.

He probes deeper. I scream again in response.

“Say it…Naruto…”

"I can hear him breathing just as hard as I am. He captures my lower lip between his teeth and sucks hard on it.


He releases my hair and pushes me roughly against a tree. I squirm and then wish I hadn’t as my actions only cause my already throbbing cock to press tighter against him.

“You really are a stubborn mule,” he whispers against my neck as I vaguely hear the sound of his pants being pulled down. I groan and wince at the same time as his teeth sinks into my skin – my body is purely a trembling mass of need as I feel my legs being lifted to wrap themselves around his waist.

“Naruto…” he calls me again and I can only arch my neck in pleasure.


“What did you say?” he asks with a light nudge of his thick flesh against my prepared opening. He has long removed his finger and it hovers dangerously against my swollen lips.

With eyes that are darkened with lust, I am sure, I meet his and beg again. “Fuck…me…”

Shame and humiliation. Embarrassment and yet…


Sweet agony.

My hands wrap themselves tightly around his neck. Our bodies are flushed against each other as we both ride ourselves into a frenzy of heated passion. He calls out my name over and over again. I am not sure of what I am saying myself as my mind and soul seem to be completely consumed with this man.

I should kill him. I should destroy him for all his has done. I should make him suffer for humiliating me like this.


But I can’t.

I can’t do anything at all.

We both come. So hard and so fast that we barely have time to register just how intense our orgasm really is. I know I am screaming and crying at the same time and for one brief moment, I am sure he has me cradled gently within his arms. But that must have been my imagination. Itachi would never be gentle with me – he had already made that quite clear.

I lose consiousness – at least I know I must have for when I open up my eyes, I find myself lying on rather lush grass with something warm and thick covering my naked skin. I do not need to know just what my blanket is. It is robe and his unique scent permeates my senses like the very air itself.

Itachi…you bastard…

I close my eyes again and lay back in my small haven with a low groan of pain from obvious places and dismay. I have let him escape again, but I will not give up my hunt for him.

For no matter how long it takes, I will eventually make the wayward shinobi mine.


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