Pairing: 1x2x1
Rating: R (for language and hints of lime)
Warnings: Fluff/Sap
Notes: Written for ASIA, who requested a story based off her picture:

“So will you? Pretty please?!”

Heero’s gaze was still transfixed outside the window, while Duo slurped on his milkshake noisily. He had to admit that the idea of being a male model intrigued him, but from Heero’s body language, it was clear the sentiment was not reciprocated. But geez, Relena had offered to buy them lunch so it was the least they could do.

“It’s only going to be for a few hours,” Relena Peacecraft, the newly branded author of male erotica fiction, continued quickly as if realizing she was losing one of her catches. Goodness knows it had taken her forever to schedule this meeting. Both young men were either too busy to see her and their missions as Preventers all but kept them from socializing as much as she’d like. She placed the manuscript on the table and held her breath. “Please? I need you two. I sort…” She blushed. “I sort of based the couple on you two anyway.”

The twin cries of ‘What?!’ had other customers in the diner turning towards the trio, and Relena had to wave her hands about to stop them from pouncing on her.

“Shssh,” she whispered harshly. She would have laughed at the twin looks of shock and surprise on the men’s faces, but this was no time to do that. She had to woo them and woo them fast. Her publisher had demanded she get some good models by tomorrow morning or she was toast. Her book would be delayed for another month and it was a month she could not afford to lose. She needed the publicity especially with the upcoming Writer’s Convention. If her book didn’t hit the shelves by then, she was bound to lose any credibility as an author.

“Have you been spying on us?” Heero finally asked, his fingers tightening around the plastic cup before him.

Relena shook her head. “No, not that I need to. You think I don’t know you two are a couple behind the scenes? Ah, and let’s not forget the time I caught you two making out in Duo’s car-

“Okay, already,” Duo interrupted, his cheeks turning a light pink as Heero suddenly found the salt shaker fascinating. “So eh…when do you need this picture taken?”


“Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Duo exploded, eliciting a kick from Heero under the table at how loud his voice was.

“We can’t,” Heero said quietly. “We’ve got paperwork to finish up and I think Lady Une mentioned something about sending us to another base to-"

As Heero rattled off a list of missions Duo didn’t even know they had, he noticed that their friend’s face was getting longer and sadder by the second. He watched Relena reach for the manuscript – its title was ‘The Gunslinger’ – and before he could stop himself, he placed a hand upon it, effectively stopping her motion and Heero’s ramble.

“I didn’t say we weren’t going to read it,” Duo explained as he noticed her blue eyes light up with hope. “Who knows? We might end up…enjoying it, ne, Heero?”

He ignored the glare thrown at him and finished the rest of his drink with a loud burp. “You can count on us, Relena!” He winked and gave her the thumbs up sign. “Just give us a few hours to think it over and then we’ll get back to you.”

She tried to say something, but her tears got in the way. She was so happy, she could barely think straight. She now knew without a doubt that her book cover was going to be the talk of the town.

“Wow…this is some good stuff,” Duo called out from the living room. “I had no idea Relena could write like this.”

He got no reply except the gurgle of water in Heero’s throat as he brushed his teeth in the bathroom.

“I think we can do this, Heero, don’t you?” He sat up on the couch, violet eyes dancing with delight. “She said it will only take a few hours and we don’t really have much to do tomorrow.”

Heero was already shaking his head as he wiped his mouth and stood at the doorway, dressed in nothing but his boxer shorts and a white towel around his neck. His damp hair lay in ringlets against his forehead and scalp, as evident of the shower he had taken.

“Duo, I don’t think you understand what you’re trying to get us into.” He walked towards his companion and eyed the manuscript. Lean fingers flipped through a few pages quickly before settling on a particularly steamy scene. His cheeks flared with heat. “Damn that woman.”

Duo smirked and reached out to wrap his arms around Heero’s neck, lips pressing against Heero’s earlobe to whisper huskily. “I suggest we read chapter five together and get a feel of the characters, hmm?” He nipped gently, grinning as Heero’s tremble was enough to let him know he was going to win the battle for now.

“You’re going to regret this,” Heero growled as he tumbled onto the couch with his partner. He straddled Duo’s lap to open said page, dark blue eyes now lit with something akin to mischief. In a low voice, he began to read, his hands sliding down Duo’s pants. “Never had he seen such a wanton sight, his rival, his enemy, his lover with legs spread apart…a devilish glint in his eye, beckoning, seeking the fulfillment of his presence on that bed of raw cow hide and…”

“Oooh…” Duo writhed in delight beneath his companion. “Take me now, cowboy,” he breathed and sank his fingers into Heero’s hair to pull him closer, moaning in pleasure as the manuscript tumbled to the floor, completely forgotten…for at least a few glorious hours.

“How did I let you talk me into this?” Heero asked through grit teeth as a cloud of powder danced across his chin and neck the next morning.

Duo grinned from his dresser, allowing the make up lady to brush and then plait his long tresses. “Let’s see…I think it was the time when you lifted my leg and then-"


“Or maybe it was the time when you turned me around and had me on all fours and called me your full steed or was that bucking bronco?”

The women giggled as Heero flushed, wishing the holster attached to his waist contained a real gun. He wouldn’t shot Duo, but giving him a good knock on the head might work.

Suddenly, the door to the dressing room burst open and a man (who looked like a cross between a leprechaun and Santa Claus) stuck his head in and bellowed, “Hurry up! We gotta be out there in five! Five, people!”

“Yikes,” Duo mumbled as the women worked much faster. “Who was that?”

“The director of the photo shoot,” one of them said as they fixed the Stetson hat upon Heero’s head. “You don’t want to make him mad. Especially since the photographer is Francois de Champagne.”

Heero and Duo stared at each other and struggled not to snicker at the funny name. Duo did end up whistling in appreciation as Heero rose to his feet in his cowboy attire. He definitely fit the role of the gunslinger. The black leather pants were adorned with a gun belt that hung low on his hips and outer thighs. He smirked as he noticed Duo watching him, hands reaching for the two weapons and twirling them like a real gunslinger would before placing them back in their holsters. Even the women were impressed and blushed at the handsome renegade that stood before them.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Duo mused as he rose to his feet. He wore a similar outfit, his hat cocked to the side on his head and a purple bandana tied around his neck. He too was able to draw both guns quickly, and not only did he do a twirl, he blew out an imaginary cloud of smoke from his weapons, which elicited a sigh of appreciation from their captive audience.

“Show off,” Heero muttered, a smirk on his face.

“Ditto that, cowboy,” Duo replied as he took the time to pinch his companion’s tight butt before they left the room and into a world of utter and complete chaos.

“Non, non, non!” the skinny man with the pencil thin mustache and beady eyes screeched as he lowered his high powered camera. “For ze one million time, hold ze waist an pull im to you. You are ze top, non? As ze top, you ‘ave to show power an hardiesse!

“Hardness?” Duo asked in bemusement, blinking as the bright lights, the claustrophobic and full studio almost had him passing out in exhaustion. Three hours and counting and Sir Francois the Asshole had found fault in every single pose they had tried since the nightmarish photo shoot began.

“I think he said ‘hardiesse’,” Heero muttered. His jaw was beginning to ache from the forced smile he had to give. His arms throbbed from holding Duo across his arm for the better part of the hour, and he longed to sit down somewhere…anywhere. The backdrop had changed from a scenery of a Montana desert to a ghost town, and now it seemed like Sir Francois wanted a rain shot next.

“What does that mean?” Duo asked only to fight back a scream as a sudden spray of cold water rained upon them.

“Poze! Poze!!” Francois shrieked. “Hold ‘im like zat...oui…oui…beautiful!…rwwwr! You are ze sexy beast! Give me more rain! More water!”

Heero and Duo shivered and clung to each other like drowned rats, neither finding anything remotely sexy about being drenched to the skin and trying to pose for a shot that might not even make it to the final printing.

“I’m going to kill Relena,” Heero muttered, as the flashbulbs went off around them like dots of stars in the middle of a torrential downpour. He cupped Duo’s cheeks to stare deeply into the weary but still mischievous violet depths. “And you….you had better get ready to deal with the consequences when we get out of this mess. Your ass is mine.”

“Aye, aye, cowboy,” Duo whispered as he brushed his lips against Heero’s. They barely heard Francois’s scream of delight as if he had gotten the perfect shot. All that mattered was the promise of things to come as well as –

“Pillows,” Duo moaned in delight as he squished the soft fluffy objects to his chest. He fell onto the couch, dressed in his favorite green long sleeved shirt and his boxers. His body still ached from the shoot and he had all but dreamed of this moment from the time Francois had screamed ‘It’s a wrap!’. Duo crawled beneath the checkered red blanket, watching in mild amazement as Heero typed away on his computer. Did the guy ever get tired?

“Come to bed,” he begged with a light pout.

“It’s the couch,” Heero replied, not tearing his eyes away from the screen.

“Okay, come to the couch,” Duo asked persistently, but seeing as Heero was going to be a stubborn bastard tonight, he stifled a yawn and closed his eyes, smiling at the memory of their ordeal. “Some day, huh? Relena was happy at least. I hope the book is a success. I heard it took her months to get it completed.”


Not to be deterred by the one-sided conversation, Duo continued, his words barely a whisper as his lashes grew heavier. “I wonder if the others are back. Trowa and Quatre went to pick Wufei from the base airport, right.”


“I hope they have a safe trip. It’s brutal out there in the traffic…”

“I guess. They should be fine.” Heero typed for a few more minutes. These notes had to be placed on Lady Une’s desk tomorrow. The photo shoot had delayed them considerably or he would have been done by now. However, and still not tearing his gaze from the screen, he continued quietly. “I had fun though…despite Francois’s craziness and the stupid poses. We should take more pictures as a couple, don’t you think? More…memories, I guess.” He eyed their bare walls. They have been a couple for almost six months and they didn’t have any thing much to show for it. “Yeah, we definitely need more pictures, right Duo?”


“Duo?” He turned around slowly, only to notice that his partner was already fast asleep, the lines on his features smoothed out to make him look much younger. Heero smiled softly to himself and switched off his lap. He dimmed the lights in their living room and crawled beneath the blanket as well, his dark gaze dancing over Duo’s peaceful countenance with a growing ache in his chest that was anything but pain.

“I love you,” he whispered thickly as he placed a kiss upon the thick brown locks. He closed his eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of Duo’s shampoo, a hand reaching out to hold on to the tip of that long braid, a ritual he had come to do almost unconsciously. There were nights he found himself seeking that familiar lock of hair, unable to sleep well without it by his side. And as he thought of how lucky he was to have Duo as a partner, his lashes grew heavier with weariness, his body finally giving in to the rest it so needed and longed for.

“Hey guys!” Wufei yelled as he bounded up the stairs. “Guess who’s back? The mission was a killer—

“Shssh,” Trowa and Quatre said at the same time as they placed a finger to their lips. The door leading to Heero and Duo’s section of the house was ajar and all three peeked in to see the sleeping couple on the couch.

“What? They’re asleep already?” Wufei whispered incredulously. “It’s barely eleven!”

“Looks like they got a workout today,” Quatre replied with a chuckle as he closed the door quietly behind them. “They were models for Relena’s new book.”

“No kidding. How the hell did Heero agree to it?”

“Don’t look at me,” Quatre snickered. “You know that Duo’s persuasive skills are second to none.”

Wufei laughed a little, staring at the closed door, still unable to believe the couple had done something like that. “Still can’t believe it.”

“I know,” Trowa added with chuckle. “I can’t wait to see what the cover looks like though.”

“Neither can I,” Quatre replied with a knowing wink. “It’s definitely going to be a memento we’ll all want to keep.”


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