Fan Art Gallery


This section will host all the pictures I have gotten for some of my stories from really wonderful and cool artists.
Although most of them are relatively tame for now, I cannot guarantee that they will not have some more graphic ones in the future. So, you are hereby warned!
PS: Some pictures will contain Shounen-ai or Yaoi content, meaning BOY/BOY stuff.

Again, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THESE PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION! If you wish to borrow them for some reason, let me know and give credit to the artist and to my website.
Not, so difficult, ne?

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy!

+ Dragonball Z
+ Gundam Wing
+ Hikaru no Go
+ Harry Potter
+ Naruto
+ Kyou Kara Maou
+ Full Metal Alchemist
+ Monster
+ Gankutsuou
+ Michael Jackson
+ Others
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